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Grandmother Fights Indiana Department of Child Services for Custody

On the evening of Wednesday, January 8th, 2014, a devastating fire ripped through a Hammond house and took the lives of three young children. The father of the children, Andrew Young, suffered severe injuries. Mr. Young, who was home at the time of the fire, attempted to save his children’s lives. Sadly, however, when firefighters arrived...

Reviewing Your Credit Report after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge

A lot of time clients that file chapter 7 bankruptcy in Indiana ask me what they need to do to after receiving their bankruptcy discharge to insure that all their debt was discharged.   I always state (with some exceptions not addressed in this article) if we listed the debt on your chapter 7 bankruptcy petition...

What Happens if the Parties to a Divorce Cannot Agree?

In Indiana, a conviction for a crime as a juvenile can be serious, and the consequences can be long-lasting. In addition to possible jail time, a juvenile felony conviction can require that the person convicted disclose such fact on employment applications. A conviction can even disqualify a person for many types of employment.