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Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer

Serving Clients in Avon, Plainfield, Brownsburg, and Danville 

The foundation of our legal system is that all people are presumed innocent.  When I and my firm represent clients charged with a crime, we work hard to preserve their innocence.  I know what is at stake for our clients – their reputations, their future, and even their freedom.

Representation of Indiana Criminal Defense Matters 

I and my firm accept nearly every type of criminal case in Indiana, including:

I represent those charged as adults and, as an Indiana juvenile defense lawyer, those charged as juveniles.  

Taking Prosecutors to Task

I take prosecutors to task, and challenge each and every theory of their case.  I thoroughly question their witnesses.  In some cases, expert witnesses may be retained by this firm to support the cases of our clients.  When there is a basis for doing so, I will seek to exclude the prosecution’s evidence suggesting guilt.  At every turn I will seek to discredit the prosecution’s case and build the case for the innocence of our firm’s clients.  In short, I work tenaciously to obtain the best result possible for all clients.

The Value of Case Preparation

Unlike many movies and TV shows, criminal defense cases are often won not through surprising testimony in court, but rather through hard work long before trial.  In seeking to obtain the best result for clients, I conduct a thorough review of the facts and circumstances of each client’s case as soon as possible.  In some instances, additional investigation will be required, and experts may need to be consulted.

I will want to obtain a copy of the arrest report, and will seek to have the prosecution disclose all evidence that it intends on producing at trial.  Prosecutors are also under a legal obligation to disclose any evidence that may suggest innocence.

After reviewing all available evidence, if it appears that the prosecution’s case is weak, I will work hard to have them dismiss the case, as they are also under a legal obligation not to prosecute a case in which they do not have a reasonable basis for believing that proof beyond a reasonable doubt can be demonstrated.  My objective, whenever possible, is to get a case dismissed long before a trial is to occur.

Should I Accept the Prosecution’s Offer? 

In many cases, prosecutors may be willing to offer a reduced charge or sentence in exchange for a guilty plea.  If such a plea is offered, I will confer with you to determine whether the plea offer should be accepted, whether an alternative plea offer should be made to the prosecutor, or whether to proceed to trial.  In these circumstances, I will provide you with an honest and direct assessment of these options so that you can make the choice that you believe is best.  Once you’ve made a decision, I will then work diligently in furtherance of whichever course of action you have chosen.  

If You’ve Been Charged with a Crime in Avon, Plainfield, Brownsburg, Danville, or the Surrounding Areas, Please Call Me

In all serious criminal matters, it’s important to retain an attorney as soon as possible.   As an experienced Indiana criminal defense lawyer, I will provide you with an honest assessment of your case, and will work diligently on your behalf in seeking the best outcome possible given the facts and circumstances of your matter.