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What You Need to Know About Divorce in Indiana

Indiana Courts Do Not Care About the Reason for the Divorce.

Indiana is a no-fault state for divorce, which means that there does not have to be a reason for the courts to grant a divorce.  As a result, courts are not required to make a determination as to whose actions most contributed to the dissolution of the marriage.  Accordingly, with very limited exceptions, courts will not take action designed to punish or favor one spouse over the other in custody and property matters, even in cases of marital infidelity.  

Instead, the role of the courts is to fairly allocate assets between the parties, and to ensure that the best interests of the children are considered in Indiana custody and parenting time matters.

I Work Hard to Develop Acceptable Solutions for Clients Concerning Property Division and Custody and Parenting Time Matters.  

Developing acceptable solutions to property division, custody, child support, and parenting time matters is not always easy.  In most cases, through diligent negotiation and creative solutions, an acceptable solution can usually be reached.

When a Settlement Cannot Be Reached, I Work Tirelessly in Seeking to Obtain the Desired Objectives for Clients in Litigation

When an opposing spouse will not agree to a reasonable settlement, I and my firm will aggressively pursue the interests of our clients through a comprehensive and dedicated litigation approach.

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