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Representing Clients in Indiana Chapter 7 Bankruptcies

The decision to file for bankruptcy usually is not easy.  Most of us have been raised and taught that we need to take care of our financial responsibilities.  Unfortunately, life does not always cooperate.

Unexpected medical bills, a business failure, divorce, or other unanticipated expenses can make it impossible to keep up with financial obligations.  The recent downturn in the economy has hurt many through job and savings loss.

As hard as a person may try to pay all bills, high interest rates and late payment fees can make an already bad situation significantly worse.  At some point, the ability to repay crushing debt no longer is a reasonable possibility.

I understand.

I work with clients to learn about their situation and explain to them the options that may be available in light of their circumstances and debt situation.  For many individuals and couples, bankruptcy is the best option. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Individuals, Couples, and Businesses 

One of the options provided in the Federal Bankruptcy Code is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which takes its name from that section of the Bankruptcy Code.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives our clients the opportunity to begin again and rebuild their credit and their financial stability. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for individuals seeking to completely discharge certain debts and start over with a relatively clean financial slate.

I’m Here to Help You Get Your Financial Life Back in Order

As an Indiana bankruptcy attorney representing clients in Putnam and Hendricks Counties and throughout central Indiana, I help clients get out from under insurmountable debt.

How I Help Clients Considering Bankruptcy 

Determining What Option is Best For You

There may be several bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy possibilities available for your situation.  Please contact me so that we can schedule a meeting to discuss your particular circumstances, and so that we can determine what options may be available depending upon your situation.

Stopping Creditors from Contacting You

When you file bankruptcy, creditors must immediately stop contacting you as soon as your bankruptcy filing is made.   Your creditors will be informed of your bankruptcy, and will be advised that any future matters must be directed to me.

Helping You Determine What Assets You Can Keep 

Indiana and other states provide exemptions that allow individuals and couples to retain certain assets in Chapter 7 bankruptcies, such as retirement accounts, clothing, household items,  bank accounts, and your home The rules and limitations for exempt assets are complex; I will help you determine what assets you may be entitled to keep and try to ensure that you are able to retain most in not all of your assets.

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This firm is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.