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Personal injuries can be devastating.  In many cases, the injuries affect more than the injured person – they can affect the entire family.

Unpaid time off from work may result.  Parents may find it hard to pay the mortgage and other bills.  Injuries may be permanent, and can affect future wage-earning capabilities.

If You’ve Been Injured, You Deserve an Attorney Who Will Fight Hard in Seeking to Recover for You and Your Family Every Penny That You Are Owed

Often in the case of severe injuries, defendants, their insurance companies, and their lawyers typically engage in delay tactics and low-ball offers.  They are not interested in doing what is right – their sole goal is to save money.  They know that the longer that a case can be delayed, the more likely it is that the injured victim will eventually accept an unreasonably low settlement, particularly if the injury victim is in desperate need of money to pay the bills and support his or her family.

These Tactics are Wrong

I fight against defendants when they try to employ these tactics, and let them know that if they are not prepared to pay a fair and reasonable settlement, I and my clients will be prepared to prove our case to a jury.  

How I Will Work in Seeking to Obtain a Fair Settlement for Your Injuries 

If you’ve been injured, my goal is to get you the best result possible given the facts of the case and your objectives.

Even when liability may seem clear, defendants will rarely make a fair settlement at the outset of a case.  Instead, they will usually deny liability and question damages.  They usually will seek to develop their own theory of the case, often blaming the victim for causing or contributing to an accident.

In order to get to the stage where a meaningful settlement is possible, significant legal work is usually required to prove why a defendant’s theory of the case will likely not succeed at trial.   Without this work, usually only a “nuisance value” settlement will be offered, as defendants know that it is up to the injury victim to prove his or her case.  I and my firm will devote the time and energy necessary to position a case so that a fair settlement may be possible.

Insurance companies, which are often the ultimate payors in personal injury cases, often have detailed requirements that must be satisfied before a fair payout can be considered.  As an example, damages must be proven with clear medical records, and sometimes the opinions of doctors or other medical experts.  Insurance companies must be convinced that if they choose to fight a case at trial, they stand a good chance of losing as much or sometimes significantly more than if a fair settlement is paid.

I Work for You, and Will at All Times Provide You With Advice that is in Your Best Interest

If a settlement offer is made, I will immediately inform you of the offer and provide an honest opinion of whether the settlement is appropriate given the circumstances.  I work for you, and will then proceed however you wish – accepting the settlement, making a revised offer, or rejecting the settlement and proceeding towards trial.

Find Out How I Can Help.  There is No Fee Unless You Win. 

Please call me to schedule a consultation.  Once I learn about the facts and circumstances of your case, I can explain how I will work hard on your behalf to recover the full measure of the damages to which you are entitled.