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What Happens When Parents Cannot Agree Upon Child Custody and Parenting Time Arrangements?

In Indiana, when parents cannot agree upon child custody arrangements, the courts and other professionals play an increasing role in custody determination.  In some cases, a guardian ad litem may be appointed, whose role is to look out solely for the best interests of the children.

Psychologists and others may also be appointed by the court to meet with parents and to conduct evaluations in order to determine which parent is best fit to have primary custody.  These professionals will usually prepare reports that are submitted to the court for consideration.  They may also be called to testify at trial.

I Seek to Achieve the Custody Objectives of Clients Early in the Process, and Fight Hard When Custody Objectives Cannot Be Achieved 

As an experienced Indiana child custody lawyer, I know that the best outcomes are usually achieved through a combination of diligent negotiation, creative problem solving, and mediation.  However, this strategy does not always lead to an acceptable result for my client.

At a certain point in custody matters when all other efforts have proved unsuccessful, our strategy will shift to aggressive litigation focused on the singular goal of our clients, which is usually an award of primary or joint physical custody of their children.  As each case is unique, the strategies employed will similarly be unique.

In pursuit of this goal, I work tirelessly in seeking to prove to the court why it is in the best interest of the children that our client be awarded primary or joint custody.   In cases where custody is being vigorously contested by both parents, custody litigation can take many months, and therefore requires tenacious and particularly dedicated representation.

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