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Child Custody & Parenting Time

As a parent, I understand that your children mean everything to you.  And as an Indiana child custody lawyer, I will work tirelessly in seeking to obtain the custody arrangements that you want.

In a divorce involving children, the key matters that must be considered are:

  • Which parent will have primary custody or is Joint Custody possible?
  • How will parenting time be arranged with the non-custodial parent?
  • Who will have the authority to make legal decisions on behalf of the children?

Will My Children Live With Me?  Negotiating Custody and Parenting Time Arrangements 

When a divorce involves children, both parents often want primary custody (and sometime sole custody) of the children.  Unless there is a strong reason to award custody only to one parent (such as if a parent is involved in drug or criminal activities or has abused the children), there is a presumption in Indiana that both parents are qualified and should have the opportunity to spend meaningful parenting time with their children.

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I work with clients in seeking to obtain their custody objectives and parenting time schedules.  When both parents want primary custody, this issue can be highly contentious.  I work with clients in seeking to reach an agreement with the other parent if possible around custody and parenting time, but if an acceptable resolution cannot be reached, I advocate aggressively in court on behalf of my clients in seeking to obtain the custody solution they want.

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Child Custody in Indiana – Who Makes the Decisions?

Child custody is about more than determining where children will live.  It also involves determining who will be empowered to make the decisions about education, health care, religious education, and other matters.

As with physical custody determinations, it is usually in the best interest of the children for both parents to work together to make decisions about how to raise the children. While one parent may have legal authority to make decisions in certain circumstances, often the parents can reach agreement about certain matters – such as which school a child will attend in the future – so that all decision-making authority is not vested in only one parent.

How I Help in Indiana Child Custody Matters 

While child custody matters can be highly emotional, it does not mean that an amicable resolution cannot be reached.  I work hard with clients and opposing counsel in seeking to obtain creative and acceptable resolutions to child custody matters that will benefit everyone.

Unfortunately, in some cases, an acceptable resolution cannot be reached.  When this happens, I advocate zealously on behalf of my clients in seeking to obtain the custody resolution that is ultimately going to be the best for them and their children.   

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