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Paternity Lawyer for Avon, Plainfield, Brownsburg, and Danville

Being the parent of a child is a rewarding and life changing experience.   Taking care of your child, being there for their first steps, going to school plays, and simply just being together are wonderful.

I Represent Fathers and Mothers in Indiana Seeking to Establish Paternity and to Clarify Their Legal Rights 

For Mothers 

All too often in our society men father children out of wedlock and then refuse to acknowledge or provide support for their children.  This is wrong.

If the father of your child has refused to acknowledge paternity and to pay support, you and your child deserve to have your legal rights established.  It’s important to understand that if paternity is not established by a court, your child or children may not receive the support that they due, not only now, but also in the future.

The lack of financial support from the father may be increasingly important if something should ever happen to you.  Establishing paternity provides a legal mechanism for securing support payments that your children deserve.

For Fathers

If you have fathered a child and the child’s mother is seeking to deny your parenting time and other rights, it is critical that you seek to have paternity legally established.  Paternity will not only establish important rights for you now, but will also do so to protect your interest in your child’s future.

As a father, you may also be entitled to have a voice in how your child is raised.  Without paternity, the mother of your child may have the sole right to act on your child’s behalf.  For example, if your child becomes sick, you may want to take him or her to the hospital, and it may become necessary to make decisions on behalf of the medical care of your child.  Without paternity being established, you may be denied these important parental rights.  Further, without paternity being established, mother is under no legal order to provide you with information concern the child’s medical care or other important information in the child’s life.

How I Help as an Indiana Paternity Lawyer 

I help clients establish paternity for a child.  I also help them protect their rights that not only they, but also their child, are entitled to.  If you have a paternity concern, please call me so that I can learn about your matter.  I can then explain about how I will act to help establish your rights.