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What is the Difference Between an Indiana Divorce and a Legal Separation?

Married couples have their ups and downs and may not always see eye-to-eye. After being married to a person for a time, it is common to have disagreements from time to time. But when marriage troubles become so distressing that a couple cannot seem to overcome differences and issues, the question of what the next steps are comes to mind. Potentially, the challenges you and your spouse face are so significant that they cannot be overcome. In this case, an Indiana divorce is the best option, while in other situations a legal separation in Indiana is the way to go.

If you are struggling in your marriage and are unsure what you should do, speaking with an Indiana divorce attorney can be beneficial. Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville divorce lawyer who understands how emotional and hard the thought of divorce is for couples. Especially when children are involved, the decision takes on even more weight. If you and your spouse simply cannot get along, then Christopher L. Arrington can provide you with the legal guidance you need to determine whether a separation or a divorce best suits your situation.

How are Divorce and Legal Separation in Indiana Different?

Whether you choose to legally separate or decide to get divorced, what takes place soon after is fundamentally the same. You and your partner have determined that you need space from one another. That space will either be permanent and final or temporary and flexible.

A legal separation in Indiana means that you are still married to your spouse and because of this, if you meet someone new, you are not legally able to remarry. You must go to court to be granted a legal separation and then the court will also dictate custody matters and child support if applicable, as well as financial support for a spouse. A legal separation is not a definite and implicit end to a marriage. For this reason, if there is the chance that you and your spouse can work things out, with a legal separation it will be much easier to get back together again.

Getting a divorce in Indiana is a concrete dissolution of your marriage. After a divorce is over, both parties are free to remarry if they choose to do so. The courts will determine matters that have to do with children and spousal support. Should you and your ex decide that you want to be back together, you will have to get married a second time. Divorce is absolute while legal separation gives you and your spouse time to think and the option of reconciliation.

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When marital struggles become overwhelming, divorce does not always have to be the end result. Legal separation may better suit a couple who just need to hit pause, take a break, and see where there may be the ability to fix what is broken in a marriage. However, when you undoubtedly know that there is no hope for your marriage, divorce may be the right choice to reclaim your life and your freedom. You do not have to navigate this major decision alone, Christopher L. Arrington, a Plainfield divorce attorney can help. Call Christopher L. Arrington today at (317) 745-4494 to schedule a free consultation.

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