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Protecting Your Financial Interests in an Indiana Divorce

Couples who are divorcing in Indiana are likely feeling stress, a plethora of emotions, and may also feel frightened about how the process will go and what the end result will be. On top of all of these complex feelings, uncertainty about living a new life as a single person may be quite intimidating. It goes without saying, divorce is not pleasant for many people and for many reasons. If you are heading toward divorce in Indiana, Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville divorce attorney who knows how sensitive the process is. Christopher L. Arrington can provide you with the guidance and legal counsel you need to ensure that your case goes as smoothly as possible while also supporting you so that you obtain the most favorable outcome.

The delicate nature of divorce can make it more difficult to think clearly when facing everything that goes with the legal dissolution of a marriage. When this happens, major misjudgments can be made that will negatively impact one of the splitting couple’s results. Specifically, when it comes to financial decisions, these judgements should not be taken lightly, but carefully examined to avoid costly mistakes.

Top Actions to Avoid Financial Pitfalls in an Indiana Divorce

Divorces can be very pricey. Making the right decisions and taking the right actions can protect your financial future. The following measures can safeguard your personal finances amidst a divorce:

  • Immediately hire an attorney to represent your interests and defend you from poor consequences. When you work with an experienced Indiana divorce attorney, you will have the support you need to champion your goals effectively.
  • After you and your partner have come to the understanding that you want to divorce, if you share your bank accounts, immediately separate yours. When your spouse has access to your once-shared money, they could be unpredictable and act in any way that can negatively affect you. Splitting your shared account, changing all of your passwords for each financial account you have as well as all other services including your social media should be done rapidly. When this has all been done, keep a keen eye on your credit score to watch for anything that looks out of sorts.
  • Once all of your finances have been put into your possession and access denied to your ex, you need to put a new budget together. Depending on how your situation was when you were married, things may drastically change for you now that you are going to be on your own. Taking the time to examine and adjust your budget appropriately to align with your new living situation will help you better manage your money after a costly divorce. 
  • If you are not employed in Indiana, you should get a job and accumulate as many funds as possible. If you are employed, keep your full schedule and do not quit, if possible.
  • Do not make expensive and lavish purchases unless you know you have the means to take on the costs that come with these new assets, products, or services.

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