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Red Flags That You and Your Spouse are Headed for Divorce

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that in 2018 there were 2,132,853 marriages and 782,038 divorces. In 2019, the marriage rate in the state of Indiana was 16.9 and on par with the rest of the nation at 16.3. From 2009 through 2019 the rate of marriages declined throughout the United States, and so did the divorce rate.

Getting married is a big step in a relationship. Throughout life, many things can change between a couple. Each relationship is unique, and there are many different reasons why some couples are able to stay together until death and others are not. Not every marriage was made to last, and sometimes an individual will have to go through multiple divorces before they find their happy ending. Certain warning signs can show cracks in the foundation of a marriage that may indicate a couple is headed for divorce.

Even when both parties agree that staying in their union is not the right decision, divorce is never easy or painless. At one point, you expected to spend the rest of your life with your partner, and then something happened that led to the decision to dissolve the marriage. If you need help with your Indiana divorce, Christopher L. Arrington is an Indiana divorce attorney who serves individuals throughout central Indiana.

What Are the Warning Signs of a Potential Divorce?

Any of these signs or a combination of them may show that it is time to examine your relationship. After close inspection, you and your partner may decide to work things out or to call it quits.

  • If you do not feel supported or have a strong emotional connection with your partner, it is likely you are feeling lonely. When the marital bond is weakened or broken and you feel like you are alone in your relationship, it can be hard to stay linked.
  • If you feel uncomfortable expressing your feelings to your partner, or you immediately become defensive anytime you argue, it may be difficult to continue the relationship. 
  • When there is no mutual respect or consideration between you and your partner and instead, you are constantly finding fault with each other, seeing the positive will become much harder to do.
  • If you have no desire to be intimate with your partner, or vice versa, keeping a union strong is going to be tough. A lack of interest in being physical with your partner can go far beyond just apathy; you may even feel that the thought of being with your partner is disgusting. This is a tell-tale signal that a break in the relationship is near.
  • Drug or alcohol addiction can make relationships difficult. If an addict refuses to get help to overcome their dependence, this may lead to divorce. Addiction is one of the most common reasons for couples to break up in the United States.

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Married couples who are no longer in sync with each other and actually feel lousy when together should consider getting divorced. If you were served with divorce papers in Indiana or if you would like to seek a divorce from your partner, Christopher L. Arrington is a Plainfield divorce attorney who can guide you through the process and support you along the way. To schedule your free consultation with Christopher L. Arrington, please call (317) 745-4494.

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