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What is a Gray Divorce?

The good news for couples in the United States is that the overall divorce rate is on the decline. Divorce and marriage can happen at any age because relationships can change in many ways. Also called silver splitters or diamond splitters, gray divorce is when older couples decide to go their separate ways after many years of marriage. While the average divorce rate for every case reported has been slowing down, for those that are over 50 years of age it is steadily increasing.

It does not matter how old you are or how long you have been married, divorce is difficult. Sure, the longer you have invested time with your partner and the more shared life experiences you have, the more your divorce can be complicated and emotionally challenging. But divorce is tough at any age. The difference between getting divorced earlier in life and getting divorced in your later years is the complexity that comes with it. There are many considerations for those pursuing a gray divorce. If you are facing a gray divorce and trying to figure out how the decision will affect you and your finances, Christopher L. Arrington can examine your unique situation and advise you of your best options for moving forward with the dissolution of your marriage in the most productive and effective way possible. 

How Do You Deal With a Gray Divorce in Indiana?

Typically, a divorce for a couple that has been together for more than 40 years will be considered a gray divorce. In modern times, anyone who is 50 years of age or older who is going through a divorce will be pursuing a gray divorce. This means that even an individual aged 50 and older who has been married just a couple of months to a much younger partner will be pursuing a gray divorce.

Gray divorces have been increasing in popularity, and there are many reasons why this phenomenon is happening:

  • After decades together, people become more in-tune with themselves and their wants and they find that they are no longer compatible with their partner the way they were when they first married.
  • During retirement, couples have much more time with each other as they do not have the constant distractions or responsibilities. The extra “quality time” together may not be as enjoyable as they thought it would be. 
  • There may be a desire to mix things up and after so many years with just one person, finding someone new and exciting may call for a divorce.
  • One spouse may not be using limited retirement funds responsibly, and this could cause a rift.
  • Some couples stay together not because they want to but for the sake of the children. When the children are grown and moved out, the couple may feel it is time to dissolve the marriage.

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There are several reasons why couples divorce at any age. Gray divorces can be complicated because of the money and assets that have been accrued over time. Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville divorce attorney who can help you solve issues surrounding your unique divorce situation. To schedule a free consultation please call (317) 745-4494.

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