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Managing Bankruptcy in Indiana While Facing a Legal Separation

If you are facing a difficult situation both personally and financially, with a pending divorce and the need to file for bankruptcy in Indiana, you are undoubtedly feeling the pressure and stress that so often go hand-in-hand with these circumstances. Managing these two complex life decisions is not an easy task to take on, especially if you do not know the best way to approach these legal challenges. It is critical that you immediately get in contact with an Indiana bankruptcy attorney. The actions you take will directly affect your outcome so to better protect yourself and your interests a Danville bankruptcy attorney can assess your situation and provide you with the guidance you need to secure the best results.

Christopher L. Arrington is an experienced Indiana bankruptcy and divorce attorney who has a full understanding of the intricacies associated with both of these legal proceedings. There is a way to organize legal separation and bankruptcy in Indiana so that you obtain the most favorable outcome in the least amount of time and with minimal discomfort.

What Should You Do if You are Getting a Divorce and Filing for Bankruptcy in Indiana?

Your Indiana bankruptcy lawyer will go over all of your financials to determine how to move forward. If you and your spouse are filing for bankruptcy it may be more beneficial to choose bankruptcy before divorce. The reason for this is getting bankruptcy out of the way can make your divorce go much more smoothly. During your divorce, you will be negotiating on the division of your and your spouse’s assets. It becomes challenging to do this if you are also in the process of bankruptcy. During a bankruptcy proceeding, your assets cannot be touched while the court determines what can be used to pay your debts. 

So, getting your bankruptcy taken care of before your divorce means that you can have your dischargeable debt done away with. This is so when you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It typically does not take very long for this to occur. You can expect to have your debt eliminated within three months or potentially as long as six months. Then, you can continue with your divorce. Because your debt has been taken care of, you will likely have a less cumbersome and complicated divorce. 

Divorce and bankruptcy are certainly not easy. However, once you tackle each of these legal challenges methodically and with skill, you have a better chance of getting them over with quickly and with less hassle. As the heavy burdens have been lifted, you can move on and start fresh, deciding how you are going to commence the rest of your life.

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Christopher L. Arrington, a talented and proficient Indiana bankruptcy lawyer, can advise you on how to handle your financial challenges as well as provide you with compassionate legal counsel regarding your divorce. To meet with Christopher L. Arrington, please call (317) 745-4494 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

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