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Is it Hard to Get Back Your Maiden Name After a Divorce?

Divorce can be complicated, and there are many issues that a separating couple will need to address. One matter is legally changing your name back to your maiden name. It is a common tradition for a woman to drop her family name so she can take that of her new spouse when she gets married. Sometimes, even men will take their new wife’s last name. While some people keep their married name the same even after divorce, just as many people prefer to go back to their maiden name.

How Do You Change Back to Your Maiden Name in Indiana?

After a divorce has been finalized, getting to the task of moving forward in life begins. Part of that process could include getting your maiden name reinstated. If you live in Indiana, a divorce alone will not be enough to have your name changed. When you file your divorce you can request, in your divorce decree, that you will have your maiden name once again.

If you did not take action when you first filed for your divorce, you can still have your name switched back. To do this, you will file a petition for a name change. Once that is approved, you will have your maiden name back. However, it is imperative to visit your local clerk’s office and ask for a certified decree. After your name has been changed, all of your documents must reflect this and the certified decree will allow you to make that happen.

The process of changing one’s last name to their maiden name is fairly straightforward and uncomplicated. The only area where it can be time-consuming is going through all of your documents and making sure they are updated with your new (old) last name. This is a necessary step to take. Some of the documents that are essential to revise include:

  • Social Security card
  • All of your financial information and bank accounts.
  • Passport.
  • Driver’s license.
  • All insurance policies you have.
  • You should connect with your employer and get all records and related documentation updated.
  • Credit cards.
  • If you have children, you may want to contact their school and inform them of your name change.

These are just some of the most prominent documents and actions that will be helpful for you after you legally have your name changed. There is a cost to the process. Initially, you will have to pay a filing fee and there will also be other associated expenses that will come with adjusting your documentation.

In the state of Indiana, there are no restrictions when it comes to a person’s ability to change their name. This is different from other states that have provisions where if a person has a criminal record, they cannot change their name.

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