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Who Pays for the Children’s School Supplies After an Indiana Divorce?

The summer is quickly drawing to an end and, what that means for parents everywhere is that school starting is just around the corner. It is not just getting the kids back into a routine that prepares them for their busy upcoming school schedule that is necessary. Each grade and school has its own defined school list of supplies that parents must gather for their children to start the year off effectively. 

Parents that live in the same household will most likely come together and purchase all the new clothing, supplies, and other necessary items that their child needs to go to school fully equipped and ready for the year. This can be a completely different situation for parents who are divorced and have to swap time with their children. It is likely that if you are divorced in Indiana and have children, you have a part of your custody agreement addressing what is called “controlled expenses.” Under Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, costs associated with controlled expenses are often the responsibility of the custodial parent.

Which Parent Should Pay for School Supplies in Indiana?

Controlled expenses in Indiana are considered to be those that include necessities of life like clothing, school supplies, educational support, hygienic products, lunches, and school fees. In essence, when a divorce happens, there are many financial considerations that are taken into account. One of these is child support. Child support payments are not financial bonuses from one parent to the other. The money for Indiana child support is to do what the name implies, and that is to take care of the costs that come with raising a child. 

When one parent is legally required to pay child support to the other parent, there are several factors that go into determining how much money must be paid. For example, the daily upkeep and needs of a child, such as their controlled expenses like clothing will be included. So the parent who is receiving the child support payments is getting money for these costs. That is why they are responsible for securing these items out of the payments that they receive. It is also why the parent paying child support is not obligated to buy these items. The child support payments include money to pay for controlled expenses.

When it comes to extracurricular activities, this is a different situation. Extra activities, lessons, groups, and sports are all optional. This means that if one parent decides that it is worthwhile to put their child in a particular sport, for instance, that does not mean that the other parent is obligated to fund that decision.

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It may be unclear about what financial responsibilities each parent has after a divorce has been completed and a child custody agreement has been finalized. To learn more about what you must do to abide by your Indiana child custody agreement, please call Christopher L. Arrington, a Danville child custody lawyer. Christopher L. Arrington can give you legal support and guidance with regard to your case. To schedule a free consultation with the Indiana family law attorney Christopher L. Arrington, call (317) 745-4494 today.

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