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How Long After Divorce Should You Wait to Date?

Everyone reacts to divorce differently. Thinking about how life will be once a divorce is finalized can feel daunting for some, while others relish the idea of newfound freedom. Each person’s circumstances are unique and will weigh heavily when figuring out when to put yourself back out there. Individuals who have been married for many years or decades can find themselves in uncharted territory trying to navigate the dating scene. This is especially true if technology and culture has changed significantly since the last time the individual was single.

Every person has to determine when the timing is right for dating and what they want from new relationships. There are some signs that can indicate it may be best to wait before you date. 

Signs That it is Not Time to Start Dating After Divorce

It may seem that the next best step after divorce is to put yourself back on the market. But, if you are not ready and if you do not know what you are looking for, great results are not likely to come. When you are fully and emotionally healed and in a healthy place to meet someone, your experience can be much more fruitful and satisfying. 

If any of the following apply to you, you may want to either wait or take it slow while you dive back into dating:

  • You are asking the question about whether the length of time since your divorce is sufficient to start dating again.
  • Your type of small talk on a date is to talk about your ex and your divorce.
  • Your discussions on dates revolve around your legal issues.
  • You have a hard time adjusting emotionally when you see your ex or hear about them.
  • Your date becomes uncomfortable when you are around your ex or with how you respond when you hear about them.
  • You cannot stop thinking about your ex.
  • Deep down you believe you will get back together with your ex.
  • You hope to rekindle your relationship with your ex.
  • You have not managed a single life yet and everything is chaotic.
  • You are not legally divorced from your spouse.
  • You are feeling depressed and lack confidence.
  • You are struggling to overcome the heartache you feel about your situation.

Divorce can come with a wide variety of feelings and complicated life struggles. Adding the pressures of dating could be just too much too soon for some people. When you are truly ready, your experience will be that much better and more meaningful. 

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Divorce can be jarring for some people and hard to adjust to while others are able to manage quite well. Simply because one relationship did not work out is not a reason why a different one will not. 

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