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Example Timeline of Events Before Divorce

In 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that there were 2,015,603 marriages in the United States. That year, 746,971 marriages were annulled or ended in divorce. Marriage is not always “until death does a couple part.” Sometimes, a union is not meant to last, and the relationship will run its course and come to an end. 

There are many reasons why marriages do not work out. Financial issues are the most common source of disturbance reported that leads to the dissolution of a marriage. Abuse, neglect, growing apart, medical issues, and infidelity are also high up on the list of reasons why marriages do not last. 

While the end of a marriage can be an emotional time, each party in a marriage that has broken down should be focused on securing the best possible outcome. If children are involved, putting their needs first is critical. Keeping it all together can be challenging. Working with an experienced attorney can make the process go more smoothly. If you are facing divorce in or near Danville, IN, Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville divorce attorney who can work with you to secure the most advantageous outcome possible for your situation.

Stages a Marriage May Go Through Before Ending in Divorce

While idealistic love stories are inspiring, not everyone can keep their marriage together over the span of their lifetimes and still remain positive and happy about their partner. Sharing a life with another person for the long term has several challenges, and if a couple cannot overcome them, staying together may not be possible.

Some marriages are meant to be and others are not. People grow apart, have significant disputes that are not able to be resolved, and many other life challenges can be too heavy to overcome for some couples. There are times when a feuding couple can come to the table and work together to save their marriage and as a result, everything works out. But if divorce does result, the following phases of a relationship may have transpired before the couple decides to end it for good:

Phase One: Challenges that Cause Discord

A couple is unable to work out significant household issues like money. How money is spent, how much money is made, who is making the money are all points of contention for any couple. When money is scarce, paying closer attention to it can be a source of considerable tension if two people cannot agree on how to distribute funds. 

Phase Two: Getting Help

Seeking counseling services and other interventions may be sought to salvage a relationship.

Phase Three: The End is in Sight

Even with cooperative attempts at getting help and saving a marriage, the realization that the relationship is over can be very unsettling. When a person comes to accept their circumstances, they can better move on from them.

Phase Four: Coping with Divorce and Starting Again

Even if it does not feel so at the time a marriage ends, understanding that there is still a full life to live after the divorce is critical. Looking optimistically at the future and even possibly remaining hopeful of finding lasting love with another partner could be possible. Divorce is not death, it is just a re-organizing of life.

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