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Important Factors to Consider When Thinking About Divorce in Indiana

You may have never thought you would even consider divorcing your spouse. Certainly, when you decided to get married, you did so with the expectation that it would last for life. Many things can happen over time that can have serious effects on the strength of a marriage and relationship with another person. If you are thinking that divorce is the right course of action but you are not sure if you will regret it later, then taking the time to carefully and thoughtfully consider all that comes along with an Indiana divorce may help you better make the correct decision for your unique situation. 

If you have questions about the divorce process in Indiana, Christopher L. Arrington is an experienced and compassionate Indiana divorce attorney who can answer your questions. Christopher L. Arrington will help you better understand what to expect when you decide to end your marriage for good. 

What are the Most Important Things to Think About if Divorce is Looming?

There are several considerations that you should reflect on before you decide to file for divorce in Indiana. Divorce is not an easy decision. The following factors can help you determine whether or not divorcing your spouse is the right course of action.

  • If you have children, the age and the health of the children will matter because when your marriage dissolves, your child’s home and family will be forever changed. While sometimes the best situation for children is for their parents to split up, you are going to make decisions regarding parenting time and how your children will have access to your spouse after you finalize your Indiana divorce.
  • If you and your spouse are on the same page and agree that divorce is necessary, you could negotiate the terms of your split and get everything done quickly and amicably if you file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Otherwise, in a contested divorce, you will have to go before a judge, who will make those decisions for you.
  • If you believe that there is hope that your relationship could be salvaged, taking the necessary steps to give it a chance is beneficial. This may clarify your decision even more because if you are proactive in saving your marriage and it does not work out, then you know you tried and divorce is the right choice.
  • A divorce can be costly in terms of court proceedings and legal costs, child support, or even spousal maintenance.

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There are so many aspects to think about when it comes to divorce in Indiana. However if you are in a relationship that is just not working out, is unhealthy, or your spouse decides that they are committed to ending the marriage, then working with an experienced Danville divorce attorney is necessary to help you protect your rights and interests and to see the best outcome possible. Call Christopher L. Arrington today to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation with a talented Indiana divorce lawyer at (317) 745-4494.

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