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Will Divorce in Indiana Surge After the Stay-at-Home Order is Lifted?

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives in an immense way. According to reports, it is anticipated that the courts could face an overwhelming amount of activity once restrictions to access have been lifted. Specifically, an increase in divorce filings may be the source of a significant portion of cases overloading the system. Susan Myres, the president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, says that the increase in calls from couples who are penned up together during the pandemic is proving to be putting too much strain on their marriages. 

What Issues are Indiana Couples Facing That are Causing Them to Resort to Divorce?

Divorce is just one of the many negative, unintended symptoms of the virus. Coronavirus has also been labeled as responsible for an increase in mental health issues in addition to the massive financial collapse with the ongoing shutdowns. For some duos feeling stir crazy, the added pressure of homeschooling, and the lack of leisure activities to blow off steam, coupled with an abundance of time stuck together during confinement is simply too much. 

There is also the belief that as people take a more in-depth look at their lives, they are having an easier time honestly evaluating it. As a result, they are choosing to separate as a means to find happiness when they know they have been unhappy in their current marriage. Marital struggles are not just unique to Indiana, around the country couples are grappling with divorce. It is believed that those jurisdictions that shut down their filing systems will be rapidly overcome with new cases when operations are back up and running.

Ongoing tensions make people less cooperative with each other. They become more unwilling to work together. Additionally, if they have also suffered a negative financial impact the massive amount of stress they are experiencing becomes too much for many couples to bear. This pressure and strain have also increased the cases of spousal abuse. The virus has had far-reaching implications in our society.

Do You Need an Indiana Divorce Attorney?

It is too early to know how things will pan out and what the world will look like once the shutdowns are lifted. At the same time, attorneys are reporting an increase in divorce inquiries, there are also stories of the opposite happening. Some couples who were on the verge of divorce or even in the process, have found that spending time together helped them renew their relationship to the point that they cancel their intentions to separate.

The American Sociological Association indicates that since 2008, divorce has been decreasing in the country. If a surge in divorce is seen after the public health orders are lifted, this would go directly against the trend seen over the last 12 years. While no couple goes into marriage anticipating a divorce, things change and divorce happens. 

If you have decided on our own to divorce or collaboratively you and your spouse agree that divorce is right for your family, Christopher L. Arrington, P.C., is a Danville, Indiana divorce attorney who can help. When separation is amicable, as a Danville collaborative divorce lawyer Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. is professionally trained in this specialty process.

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