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What Happens to 50+ Divorcees Once They Enter the Dating Scene?

The one demographic contributing to the divorce rate is those 40 and over. Your risk of divorce escalates exponentially once your children move out of the house. Today, more post-child-rearing couples are ending their marriages to begin anew. Some will never engage in a romantic relationship again, while others are excited to try out the dating scene. 

Online Dating for Post-Divorcees

A recent article outlined the best practices for those who are looking to enter the dating scene later in life. One of the major concerns of new daters is familiarizing themselves with online dating apps. The apps themselves can be quite confusing for those who did not grow up with technology. Concerns about safety are also real for older folks on dating apps.

The article recommends that those who are looking to enter the dating scene do so at their own pace and when they are ready. Some people may need years to heal from a divorce. In many cases, there is a significant grieving process involved. 

According to a study cited by an article, it will take 18 months to fully heal from a divorce. However, you do not necessarily need to be fully healed to date, and sometimes, dating can help the healing process along. Everyone will begin the process of dating on their own timetable. Some will enter the dating scene before they are ready. Others will never date again, even though it could make them happier. 

Reestablish Your Priorities

You got married, and your marriage failed. Relationships have life cycles, and yours found its endpoint. Some people are already ready to date even before their marriage is finalized. In fact, their attraction and interest in other people signaled it was time to move on. Others will not be ready until they have fully processed the grief and loss of their relationship. Some people do not respect their grieving process and never fully heal. They may enter into relationships that re-traumatize them when buttressed against their divorce. 

To reenter the dating scene successfully, the article recommends outlining what an ideal relationship would look like, what an ideal mate looks like, and what absolute dealbreakers are for you personally. Ultimately, this shows a commitment to your goals, self-knowledge, and a willingness to be choosey.

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