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Unemployment in Indiana Increases During Coronavirus Crisis

Across the country, people are working from home, self-quarantining, and staying away from businesses. Businesses are also closing. Not every job is one that can be done remotely, and as the coronavirus epidemic plagues our nation, people are losing their jobs. 

According to Gov. Eric Holcomb, Indiana has over $2 billion in reserve, putting the state in a much better position to help residents than other states in the nation. Gov. Holcomb is using these reserves to help those affected by the coronavirus. There are currently 53,000 more people filing for first-time unemployment benefits in the state, which makes up a 2,900% increase from just a couple of weeks ago. In the last week of February, before the pandemic was declared, only 2,100 individuals filed unemployment claims.

Many counties across the state have seen rising unemployment claims, including:

  • Marion County claims were up by 3,200%
  • Johnson County claims were up by 6,100%
  • Clark County claims were up by 9,900%

Rampant job losses in the state are greatly affecting government revenue and with the income-tax filing deadline moving from April 15 to July 15, the pressure is adding up. The director of the state’s Office Management and Budget, Cris Johnston explains that revenue is expected to decline immensely from the over $2 billion the state normally collects in sales tax every year. This could be for as short as weeks to as long as months. The sales tax revenue is used for public safety and education.

The reserve money that is being used will be put towards maintaining priority services such as paying for more personal protective equipment. Other actions to help residents taken by Indiana government officials include the waiving of the one-week waiting period for unemployment claims. Now it should only take 21 days to receive checks after filing.

As of March 25, there are 17 dead from the coronavirus in the state. 

What Happens to Your Child Support Payments if You Lose Your Job in Indiana?

When your employment status changes, you have the ability to adjust your child support payments accordingly. In order to do so, you will need to have documentation of your efforts to regain gainful employment. It is necessary to file a petition with a specific court in order to modify your payments. You will need to provide evidence such as tax returns or a letter of termination from your employer.

Regardless of whether you and your ex-partner agree to change your child support order, you still may have to go to court to get the court’s approval for the change. This requires filing a paper requesting the change in your child support payments. When you and your ex-partner cannot agree on a change, you will have to go to court.

If you believe that your circumstances have changed so much that you need to have a modification in child support, contact Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. As an Indiana family law attorney Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. can help you with the paperwork and documentation necessary to file for a modification in your child support order.

Christopher L. Arrington P.C. has a Danville family law firm that can be reached at 317-745-4494. I am here to help you. Let’s sit down and discuss your situation.

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