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Top Four Reasons Why Establishing Paternity is Important for Children

If you suspect that you have fathered a child but the child’s mother is unwilling to allow you to establish paternity, this is a difficult situation to be in. There can be many reasons why a child’s mother would want to restrict someone from proving that they are the biological father of their child. Still, if there is a chance that you are the father of a child, you have the right to that youngster and they also have the right to know you, too.

Father figures, like mothers, play an essential role in the healthy development of children. Even if a child’s parents are not together romantically, that is no reason that a man cannot be a part of his child’s life. If it is true that a man is the biological father of a child, then he should have the opportunity to know this for sure and then be granted some amount of access to the child.

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Four Reasons Why Children Benefit From Knowing Their Biological Father

A man who thinks that a child may be his own should act quickly to confirm or deny this truth. The sooner that the legitimacy of a man to a child is made known, the sooner life can move on the way that it was meant to. That is, either with the man playing an active role in the child’s life or the man understanding he is not related to the child. To determine if a child is yours biologically you have the right to request a DNA test.

Having a DNA test done legally proves that you have legal rights to your child. But, you will also have legal responsibility for them as well. In other words, there is a financial component that comes with establishing paternity. 

The following are four reasons why children benefit so much from knowing their biological father:

  • Forming a meaningful relationship with their father. This can prevent a child from feeling a void in their life from not knowing exactly where they came from. It can make them feel wanted and loved which are both necessary for healthy growth.
  • Children can get to know the family of the man who has been verified as the biological father. In this way, they can learn more about their lineage.
  • Both a man’s and a woman’s medical history will be present in the child they create. It is important that children know what medical risks and implications may be in their DNA.
  • Children can be supported financially with the addition of a father’s contributions. So, if the mother alone had a challenging time making ends meet and taking care of her child, the addition of a father’s financial input can make the home much less stressful and potentially open up new opportunities for the child.

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