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Top 10 Questions for Your Divorce Lawyer

When you have your first meeting with a divorce attorney scheduled, being prepared will help you fulfill your objectives, give you helpful information about the divorce process, and have your important questions answered. Thinking about your goals and your current situation beforehand can help you better disclose your specific position and assist your lawyer in understanding your unique circumstances.

Writing down thoughts and questions ahead of time can be helpful to keep you on track when you meet with your divorce attorney. Undoubtedly many of the questions you have are not unlike the most common questions that every divorce lawyer gets when they meet with a prospective client. Because of this, your attorney should be able to fully explain the answers to you in a clear way that helps you comprehend what may be in your future during the divorce process and after your divorce is complete.

What are the Most Frequently Asked Questions of Divorce Lawyers?

If you are headed to divorce, getting legal counsel can protect your best interests and help you get the most favorable outcome possible. In Danville, IN, Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville divorce attorney who is a competent professional dedicated to helping couples navigate their Indiana divorces. 

Going into your first meeting with your divorce lawyer you may be feeling a wide variety of emotions. There is no doubt that anticipating these meetings is not the most pleasant for many married couples headed for divorce. You are not alone if any of the following 10 questions are on your mind for when you meet with your attorney:

  1. How is child support in Indiana determined?
  2. Can you get spousal support? If so, how much is possible and how is the amount determined?
  3. I do not want to share custody with my ex, is it possible to be granted full custody?
  4. I am a dad, will my rights and access to my children be limited in favor of my spouse?
  5. I have a criminal record, will that impact my finances and access to my children?
  6. I was unfaithful to my spouse, will that impact the outcome of my divorce?
  7. Is it necessary to go to court to get a divorce in Indiana?
  8. How long does it take to get to a conclusion of a divorce in Indiana?
  9. What costs are associated with getting a divorce in Indiana?
  10. Can I manage my divorce without a lawyer?

Having a lot of questions about divorce is natural. These questions are some of the most frequently asked. It is likely that in addition to these questions, you will have others. Christopher L. Arrington understands how emotional and life-changing the divorce process can be. Do not feel hesitant to ask your attorney all of your questions because understanding every aspect of the process is important.

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