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Tish Cyrus Has Filed for Divorce From Husband Billy Ray Cyrus, Again

Sometimes it takes a little back and forth before a couple truly decides divorce is the right approach or the opposite, that the marriage is worth working on and saving. For Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, this has been the case. Tish Cyrus has recently filed for divorce from her husband Billy Ray. The couple has been married for close to three decades, but it has been a bumpy road.

Tish cited the reason for the divorce as “irreconcilable differences.” The mother of five claimed that for at least two years she and her 60-year-old singer husband have not lived together. In the filing, Tish is seeking an equal division of their marital wealth.

Is it Possible to Obtain Equal Distribution of Marital Wealth?

The Cyruses have a notable history of attempting to divorce and then pulling back. Billy Ray pushed for a divorce in 2010 before he had a change of heart. This would be the second time for Tish, who wanted to divorce in 2013 before deciding to forgo a split and work on their marriage. Now though, it appears the couple may finally move forward with a dissolution of their marriage.

When children are involved in a divorce it can be emotional and make coming to a resolution between two parties more challenging. Because Tish and Billy Ray’s children are adults there are no custody battles to fight. This may remove some potential stress and complications from the proceedings.

The couple had reportedly used marriage counseling to repair their bond and work through marital struggles to some success in the past. However, after almost 30 years together, it appears that the time has come for them to go their separate ways. 

Marriage counseling is one tool that can be highly beneficial for couples considering divorce but are open to keeping the marriage intact if possible. When it comes to a point where differences cannot be resolved, though, divorce may be appropriate. Finding an attorney to assist and help you navigate your divorce can improve the chances of everything going more smoothly with you obtaining fair and optimal results.

Approaching divorce is never an easy process to go through even for the most agreeable couples. Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville divorce lawyer that has extensive experience assisting couples in Indiana navigate their divorce.

The reports of Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus’ pending divorce indicate that Tish wants equal distribution of marital assets. This means she is requesting an even half of all assets accrued during her marriage to Billy Ray. By contrast, equitable division of assets is when various factors are used to determine which party gets what and as a result, the division of assets is unequal but considered fair based on the couple’s circumstances. Considering the state of Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, if Tish’s wishes will be granted remains to be seen. The court can decide whatever allocation of assets they see fit.

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