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Tips for Divorced Couples Looking to Co-Parent

More and more, ex-spouses with children are making the decision to work together and co-parent their children. Specifically, this trend is becoming more popular among ex-spouse who have younger children. Divorce is never an easy process for any party. Even when two people are deciding to leave a marriage amicably, it can still be hard. When there are children to think about, it often becomes even more stressful and emotional.

Studies show that divorce can be hard for children to understand. According to the research, children whose parents have divorced report higher rates of depression and anxiety than children whose parents stay married. Co-parenting may provide an easier transition for children because while their parents are no longer married, family events and activities are still done together with both parents involved and working together. Co-parenting is not going to work for every divorced couple, and in these situations, the most healthy choice may be to arrange a conventional custody and visitation agreement.

Steps to Take for Effective Co-Parenting

When a divorced couple has agreed that they will both take an active role in raising their children, it is important to establish a firm foundation where there is plenty of agreement on the terms of their co-parenting plan. When an arrangement is made that does not provide for areas where disagreements can arise, the co-parenting option may work out very well for the divorced parents and their children. 

Christopher L. Arrington is an Indiana collaborative divorce attorney who can help you decide on how you want to handle all current issues and decisions as well as any that are expected to come up in the future. If you are divorcing in Indiana and you want to explore the option of co-parenting, Christopher L. Arrington can assist you through developing an acceptable solution for both parties that serves your children in the best way possible

Some of the most common components of a strong co-parenting agreement include:

  • Helping your children have stability by specifying which home will be their “home base” where they will permanently live. This eliminates shuffling children and their things back and forth, which can be disruptive.
  • Determining best ground rules and methods for productive and responsive communication.
  • Firming up how to handle transportation for your children for school and activities and how you will manage transportation for events where both parents will be in attendance.
  • Establishing the base rules that both parents will implement as well as an agreement for each parent to back the other with regard to expectations, rules, and enforcement.
  • Determining the management by both parents as to medical insurance, how to handle medical appointments, and how medical decisions will be made.
  • Settling how to handle extracurricular activities and payment for fun activities.
  • How to handle pets.
  • Agreement on online activity.
  • Agreement on how to introduce children to new partners.

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Co-parenting can be an excellent choice for some families. When all the important aspects of how to manage a relationship are established and followed and communication is open and cordial, separated families can have tremendous success. If you are considering divorce in Indiana or you need help with another Indiana family law issue, please call Christopher L. Arrington at (317) 745-4494 to schedule your free consultation.

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