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Three Educators With The Tri-West High School May Lose Their License After Sexual Assault

Allegations of a teacher having an inappropriate relationship with a student may lead to three teachers having their licenses suspended. The Indiana Department of Education reported that three teachers of the Tri-West High School, Principle Adam Benner, Stacey Begle, and Nathan Begle, did not report allegations of an improper relationship between a teacher/coach and a student. 

The department is seeking a three-year license suspension for Benner, and two-year suspensions for Stacey Begle, who is the dean of students, along with a two-year suspension for her husband Nathan Begle, who is the school’s athletic director. The Department of Education indicates that all three of these educators knew about the math teacher and coach, Tyler Bruce, 31, and his sexual relationship with a female student in the Tri-West High School. The department’s report explains that none of the mentioned educators contacted law enforcement or the state Department of Child Services about the unacceptable relationship.

After stepping down as principal of Tri-West Highschool in June, Benner began teaching science at Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center in Wayne Township. He eventually resigned on February 14. As for Stacey and her husband Nathan Begle, each was put on administrative leave in July. They were eventually allowed back for the 2019-2020 year, but then put back on leave in February 2020 as a result of the Department of Education recommendations.

The attorney of the family of the student who was in the inappropriate relationship said that the handling of the situation by the Northwest Hendricks County School Corporation was more than poor. Bruce was placed on administrative leave on May 28 after there was an investigation into the interactions he had with a female student was reported through an anonymous tip.

School board members would not vote to terminate Bruce’s contract with the school because he was not charged with a crime. The family of the student involved in the case filed a claim accusing him of child molestation and abuse on many occasions during the time between January and May. The student was a Junior at the time of the harassment. In the claim, there was also the indictment that the school district did not screen or monitor Bruce appropriately and employed him in a negligent manner.

The Department of Education is working to revoke Bruce’s teaching license because they claim he was involved in misconduct while in office, for his incompetence, and for his neglect of duty. According to the Department of Education, Bruce encouraged the student to communicate with him through the social media platform Snapchat during the late evening hours after his wife went to bed so that there would not be any proof of their relationship.

Naked photos of the girl were sent to Bruce, who then threatened her grades if she did not give him what he requested. According to the Department of Education’s report, Bruce touched the girl on her back, stomach, butt, and pubic area multiple times.

Bruce was arrested in January and faces two counts of child seduction and a count of obstruction of justice. After he was arrested, he was suspended without pay from the school and it is likely his contract and employment will be terminated. Bruce has his next hearing set for March 11.

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