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The State of Indiana’s 2020 General Assembly’s Goals

For the upcoming General Assembly’s 2020 session there are quite a few objectives on which Indiana lawmakers are focusing. Starting January 6, 2020, the legislature’s schedule is set to run through the middle of the month of March. Here is a breakdown of what priorities the state’s representative are expected to tackle.

What are the Issues Indiana Lawmakers Care About In 2020?

Senator Blake Doriot, Republican, of District 12 covering Eastern Elkhart County and Turkey Creek Township in Kosciusko County is focusing on more exposure to costs associated with hospital billing. While Sen. Doriot explains that his proposal may not get the attention it requires right away, it is the start of the conversation. Exposing costs can help insurers have a better explanation of what they are paying. Additionally, examining the administrative costs for non-profit health systems in Indiana will be a good first step in determining if there is a way that patients can save money with lower medical bills. Additionally, Doriot will also focus on:

  • Zoning for construction permits for homeowners
  • Allowing the use of PVC for water mains
  • Amending the surveying code

Representative Christy Stutzman, Republican, of District 49 covering northern and eastern Elkhart County, Goshen, and Middlebury is concerned with economic, family and women’s health issues. She wants to work with businesses to help women suffering from loss due to miscarriage obtain either paid or unpaid leave to grieve. Currently, there are no requirements allowing for leave after miscarriage requiring women to dip into their vacation time in order for them to get the break they need for healing.

Stutzman is also interested in working with Rep. Mike Karickhoff of Kokomo to develop a proposal to bring Hollywood investments to the state via attracting film and television productions. Unlike past plans, which used tax abatements, this plan will utilize a rebate system for these production companies. The hope is that Indiana can become more competitive with neighboring states while also making a positive economic impact locally.

Other priorities Stutzman is working on include talks with the state education department to reduce the number of standardized tests that third graders are required to take throughout the school year. She is also working with other representatives in Congress to tackle veteran’s health care. 

Representative Doug Miller, Republican, in District 48 which coves northern Elkhart County, with Bristol, Cleveland, and Osolo Townships is emphasizing issues that were brought up in the previous session. These include:

  • Expanding the police barricade law to include firefighters and paramedics. This law is meant to deter individuals from crossing barriers set up in emergency situations. Exceptions include the family of victims.
  • Developing reciprocal sales tax exemptions on recreation vehicle sales with nine states, which mirrors the agreement Indiana already has with 41 other states. It allows out-of-state individuals to purchase RVs in Indiana and only pay their home state’s taxes.

Representative Curt Nisly, Republican, of District 22 covering southern Elkhart County, New Paris, Nappanee, and a portion of Kosciusko County will be considering how to use the over $400 million budget surplus. Additionally, Nisly is focused on securing religious liberties and pro-life advocacy. 

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