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The Importance of a Fair Child Custody Agreement in Indiana for Fathers

The best scenario for any child is to have both their mother and their father raising them in a home that is safe and healthy. Not every marriage was meant to last and sometimes a relationship becomes so toxic that the home environment is not hospitable for children. When a couple decides that the best thing to do is to separate and eventually divorce, the battle for custody of the children is going to be a part of that dissolved marriage. 

Oftentimes, both parents believe that they should be granted primary custody of their children. If a judge determines that both parents are well-suited to take care of their children, they may do a 50-50 custody agreement. As a man, fighting for custody of your child can feel like a losing battle because of how often women have historically been given the benefit over men in terms of favorable custody agreements. Today, though, much has changed, and fathers have more opportunities to get better custody outcomes. Though it can still be an uphill battle, if you are a father trying to get custody of your children after a divorce, the importance of taking the right course of action can mean everything to your case.

Why Fathers are Important Part of a Child’s Life

Fathers and mothers are both important figures when it comes to raising children. Ultimately, what is in the child’s best interest is what the judge will consider when determining a custody agreement. There are established statistics showing the incredible importance fathers have when it comes to the impact on their child’s life such as:

  • Children who do not grow up with a father figure are at increased risk of drug abuse.
  • Fatherless children have lower rates of graduating from high school.
  • Kids who do not have a father raising them will be more prone to victimizing others in domestic violence situations.
  • The trend of teenagers committing murder happens more often in children who do not have a father raising them.

Of course, not every child without a father is going to have a traumatic and terrible fate in life, but the studies and the statistics support the greater difficulty these children will likely experience. As a parent, you want to be with your children as much as possible. When you are given limited visitation time, the negative effect of this can be detrimental to your child’s development and future. 

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It is immensely important as a father that you have a solid relationship with your children. Working with a knowledgeable and proficient Indiana child custody attorney improves your ability to get the meaningful time with your child that you and your child deserve. Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville child custody attorney that can provide you with the guidance and support necessary to get the arrangement with your ex that will give you proper access to your children. To learn more about what to do with regard to child custody matters in Indiana and how to procure the best arrangement, call Christopher L. Arrington today to schedule a free consultation at (317) 745-4494.

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