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Staying Cordial with Your Ex Supports Your Child’s Emotional Health

When a marriage does not work out, there can be several reasons why. Sometimes two people love each other, but the circumstances they experience together cause a threat to one’s health and a break has to occur. Other times, the chemistry vanishes, and two people just are not compatible any longer. Any divorce can involve a significant amount of contention, depending on why the divorce is happening. One person cheating, for example, often results in plenty of hostility. The same is true for the relationship between exes. The rapport between two people in the aftermath of a divorce can be highly quarrelsome and toxic, fairly cordial, or peaceful. 

Personal relationships when it comes to love and marriage are extremely complex because of the deep emotions involved. When divorce is a reality, no matter what the reason, the decision tends to be hard for most couples. The dissolution of what was supposed to be a life-long partnership and the uncertainty of the future can make moving forward a challenge. Should kids be involved, the intricacy increases as parents navigate how to be apart while also having to work together. Christopher L. Arrington is an Indiana divorce attorney that helps those pursuing a divorce obtain the best outcome possible for their goals. Divorces are never easy for anyone, but they happen quite frequently. To protect your interests when you are ready to divorce your spouse in Indiana, Christopher L. Arrington can help.

The Importance of Maintaining a Good Relationship With Your Ex

Oftentimes, when a divorce is proceeding and the question of child custody arises, both parties want full custody or the most custody of their child. If both parties have no reason to preclude them from being considered for full custody, then dividing custody equally may be investigated. No matter if you have full custody, particle custody, or some other type of arrangement, the reality is that if you love your child and want to see them, you will have to work with your ex for some amount of time until your child is a legal adult. So, trying to be agreeable and courteous with each other is important.

Welcoming your ex and being friendly may be a real struggle. When it comes to your child, try to focus on their best interests rather than your own or your ex’s. At the very least, maintain a respectful and united front in terms of parenting goals and supporting your child’s emotional wellness. Maybe you do not have too much in common with your ex, but finding areas where you can agree is helpful. Identifying where you and your ex can see eye-to-eye can help you both tolerate each other enough to effectively and caringly co-parent your child. Otherwise, your child will have to deal with ongoing turmoil, dysfunction, confusion, and even resentment. None of this is healthy or helpful for your child’s development or future.

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