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Rights Grandparents in Indiana Have to Their Grandchildren

Grandparents have a special bond with their grandchildren, and when life circumstances change, grandparents have some rights in the state of Indiana to see their grandchildren. If you are a grandparent and your life has changed in a way that altered access to your grandchildren you can petition to have time with your grandchildren and see them. There are specific situations in which this can happen, including:

  • Your grandchildren’s parents have passed on.
  • Your grandchildren’s parents have divorced.
  • Your grandchildren were born out of wedlock.

While there are options for grandparents to see their grandchildren in Indiana, not everyone has the ability to get the visitation desired. When a child’s parents are both still living and married, grandparents will not be permitted to petition to see their grandchildren. If you have lost access to your grandchildren or you are unsure of how changes in life will impact your ability to see your grandchildren, you can speak with an experienced family law attorney in Indiana. Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville family law attorney dedicated to helping individuals resolve their familial issues in the most positive way possible.

How Do Grandparents Gain Lawful Rights to Their Grandchildren?

In all situations that involve children, Indiana family courts will examine every detail of a case and determine what they think is the most healthy, the most positive, and the most advantageous to the children. Not every petition is going to result in grandparents gaining access to their grandchildren, but there are times when grandparents are not out of luck with their pursuit of a relationship with their grandchildren. If you have been separated from your grandchildren, it is helpful to speak with an Indiana grandparent’s visitation attorney to learn more about what your chances are for visitation with your grandchildren. Your Indiana family law attorney will also inform you of what steps are necessary to take so that you can increase your chances of success.

Ultimately it is up to the courts to review a petition by grandparents and decide if connecting grandparents with their grandchildren is in the best interest of the youngsters. Whether you are granted visitation or not will depend on your petition, which is filed in the county where the children reside. The courts may also take into account information from the grandchildren that is gathered during interviews., they will also look at if the grandparents have made efforts with the grandchildren to have a personal relationship, as well as what the parent’s opinions are if they are still living.

Speak With an Indiana Family Law Attorney Today

Family law can be complex and like most legal governance, the laws change all the time. Christopher L. Arrington stays up to date on all changes or adjustments with family law and divorce law in the state of Indiana. If you are concerned about what will happen with your ability to see your grandchildren, this is understandable and depending on your situation, you may be well within your rights to see them.

Additionally, in some instances, a grandparent may be a critical individual who could gain access to grandchildren in the form of a foster parent or potentially an adoptive parent. Family issues can be emotional and tough to navigate on your own. Christopher L. Arrington is a Plainfield family law attorney who has compassion for individuals facing these unique situations. You can meet with Christopher L. Arrington during a free consultation by calling (317) 745-4494.

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