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Potential Indiana Utility Rate Hikes Under Review by State Commission

Gas and electric bills may increase on Hoosiers amid losses utility companies have taken during the pandemic. The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission will investigate the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on both customers and utility providers. There are 10 Indiana utility companies that have requested that they have the money they lost recovered by increasing costs to consumers.

While the companies are looking to offset their losses through higher bills, thousands of consumers also have responded by writing state regulators about the issue. Residents are opposed to these actions taken by a range of small utility companies and large utility companies such as Duke Energy, Indianapolis Power & Light Co., Indiana Michigan Power Northern Indiana Public Service Co., and Vectren. Through the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, an appeal to the commission for consumer protections has been sent. This includes blocking utility disconnections longer than the current June 30th deadline, and waiving all deposit, late, and reconnection fees.

Both requests from the utility companies wanting to increase costs and from consumers opposing increased costs and asking for cost forgiveness are under investigation by the IURC. As of now, there is no indication of how high Indiana utility bills could rise. The plan that is being reviewed explains that utility companies would submit their rate cases using supporting cost and revenue impacts that were experienced during the pandemic. Regulators would use this information and potentially approve future rate cases. 

The commission admits that the hardships which have occurred will not be cured by a public health directive or an end to a disconnection postponement. The full impact of the pandemic may not be completely understood for a long time.

Do You Need to Change Your Child Support Order?

In April 2020, the nation recorded 22,504,000 unemployed. Compare this to one year ago, in April 2019, there were 5,387,000 unemployed. In the state of Indiana, there were 553,940 unemployed while the previous year in April there were 96,412. The extreme jump in unemployment caused by the pandemic has made many things in our lives change. If you are one of the many who have lost their job and you are unsure of what your future holds, you may need to reassess your child support payments. 

Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. is an Indiana child support attorney that is here to help you with your situation. Please call me when you are facing an uncertain financial future and need to have a modification made to your child support obligations. We can discuss your circumstances and I can advise you as to how I can help you achieve your desired outcome. My Indiana child custody law firm works with many families who experience changing life events that necessitate an adjustment to the terms of their legal agreements.

Call Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. at our Danville family law firm at 317-745-4494 today to schedule your free consultation. I take pride in maintaining a casual and approachable atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and we can solve your family issues. 

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