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Plainfield, IN Walmart Warehouse, Goes up in Flames

A recent fire at a Walmart warehouse close to Indianapolis has sent first responders flying to address the widespread flames. The smoke plume alone from the large blaze was seen for miles all around. According to reports, it only took three minutes for Plainfield firefighters to arrive at the scene. The large warehouse was 1.2 million square feet.

While one firefighter who came to the scene to put out the flames sustained a minor injury, the 1,000 employees who worked inside of the facility are believed to be accounted for, and they all made it out safely. Currently, there has been no specific cause linked to the fire, but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is on the case and will be investigating. Figuring out how the fire started may take weeks, according to Plainfield Fire Chief Brent Anderson.

Dealing With Sudden Job Loss

It is fair to say that the Walmart employees who got up in the morning to go to work did not expect that a fire would eliminate their position for some time. Life can be unpredictable, and this is true for every aspect of it. For these workers, unemployment may be the correct direction to take while Walmart works to recover from the fire.

But what happens if you lose your job unexpectedly and you are unable to secure unemployment? Without a steady income, you may find yourself in a difficult situation with respect to putting food on the table and paying your bills. Even if you are looking for a job, all the while you are out of work, those bills and other living expenses are not going away. With time, these expenses can build on each other and grow to become an unmanageable financial burden. 

The good news is that if you find yourself in a situation in which you are unable to pay your creditors and your debts, you could have other options to help you remedy your circumstances. Bankruptcy is one. If you are unsure about the different types of bankruptcy or if bankruptcy is the right approach for your situation, you can bring all of your questions to the experienced Danville bankruptcy attorney Christopher L. Arrington.

Feeling the pressure of financial obligations that you cannot meet can cause great emotional distress. But if there are no reasonable options that you can come up with that will help you get over the hump, you may have to consider bankruptcy as an alternative route to get out from under the debt from which you are suffering.

Speak to a Danville Bankruptcy Attorney Today

Sometimes circumstances in life happen without your control. If you are left in a difficult financial situation, the only way out is to explore what options are available for your specific predicament. 

If you live in Indiana and you need help, you can count on Christopher L. Arrington, an Indiana bankruptcy lawyer. Christopher L. Arrington understands the difficulties and emotion that comes with overwhelming financial burdens and will work with you to determine the most advantageous plan for overcoming your current dilemma. Call Christopher L. Arrington today to schedule a free consultation at (317) 745-4494.

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