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Parts of Indiana and Arkansas Destroyed by Storms and Tornadoes 

Various areas of Indiana and Arkansas were the victim of devastating tornadoes and severe storms that ravaged homes and buildings. Storms in Indiana destroyed trees and downed utility poles leaving over 100,000 homes out of power as a result. After the devastation passed through, Duke Energy and the Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) reported that over 100,000 customers had no power by Wednesday night.

The outage map that Duke Energy shared showed that over 70,000 customers lost their power and IPL said that 19,000 did not have power by the early hours of Thursday, April 9. The town of Mooresville, in particular, sustained substantial damages. Franklin, Indiana also sustained major damages. Specifically, the Jefferson Street Pub’s roof completely collapsed. The city of Franklin used social media urging the public to avoid the downtown area so as to allow crews the ability to clear all the wreckage and debris.

How can Unexpected Situations Change Your Divorce Settlement in Indiana?

After a divorcing couple goes through negotiations, they will come to an agreement that will eventually guide their interactions as well as what each party gets moving forward. The final document that explains these guidelines is called the divorce decree. There are situations that transpire where the original decree becomes ineffective with respect to ex-spouses. 

When the original divorce decree is no longer working, Indiana law allows for modification. When circumstances change so drastically that ex-spouses are unable to follow the governance of their first divorce decree, it is important to speak with an Indiana divorce attorney to work through the modification process. The modifications will go to court, and it is the court that will approve or deny these changes. The court will make its decision based on the facts pertaining to the case at hand.

It is not an easy task to get the courts to adjust your decree. They are going to require proof of substantial changes in your or your ex-spouse’s situation, which make changing the decree appropriate. If you are facing unprecedented changes in your life such as destruction of your home and all your personal items from a tornado, for instance, it is important to put forth a convincing argument as to why the changes are necessary. If you have children with your ex-spouse, the court is going to take into account how the modifications will affect them.

Everyone’s situation is unique, and the courts will review the specific details of each case carefully. The assistance of an experienced Indiana family law attorney is invaluable in helping you work through the process and obtain the best outcome.

Do You Need Help Modifying Your Indiana Divorce Decree?

My name is Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. and I know that life throws out curveballs and nothing is promised. It is challenging for ex-spouses to navigate their relationship when significant and unexpected changes to their lifestyle abruptly take place. I will fight on your behalf so that a fair outcome is achieved.

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