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Mistakes Divorcing Men Should Avoid During the Pandemic

The coronavirus is affecting every aspect of American life. Even though we are told to stay in place and hunker down for a period of time, life events and our personal situations are not stopping just because of the virus. If you are facing divorce during the pandemic, working through the divorce process has certainly become more complicated than ever. 

Given the new challenges that Americans are presented with during these uncertain times, it has never been more important to make sound decisions in your divorce and ensure that your rights are protected. Men and fathers often feel as if they are at a disadvantage when it comes to child care and visitation as well as spousal support with divorce. The U.S. Census Bureau indicates that almost half of all fathers who financially support their children do not have any visitation rights at all. Data done by the 2012 U.S. Census Bureau shows that 28.8% of custodial fathers received child support as compared to 53.4% of custodial mothers.

What Actions Should Divorcing Men Avoid During the Pandemic?

  • Do not move out of your marital home. It is common that during a divorce, the father leaves the marital home. This is not a good idea for many reasons. First, it shows the court that you willingly left your family and your children, which does not bode well for custody or visitation. Second, this move puts you at a higher risk for an unfavorable outcome during the division of assets portion of your divorce. Additionally, the shelter-in-place order may be impacting your ability to see your children by default. If you also choose to move away, that shows that you are O.K. with even less time with your children, which can significantly hurt your case.
  • The shelter-in-place order is also a way for one parent to have an excuse to limit access to the other parent even more. Getting to court is going to be a much longer process, which means that the entire time you are away from your children will be much longer. This can easily alienate you from them. Proving alienation is happening will be much more complex, much more costly, and much more drawn-out during the pandemic.
  • It is likely you are one of the many million Americans who have lost their jobs due to the shut-down of so many businesses across the country. As a result, your ability to continue to pay child support and alimony payments the way you used to while also paying your own bills may be strained. If there is a drastic change in your living situation, delaying filing for modification is not recommended. The longer you wait to file, the heavier the negative financial strain on your resources will become. It could result in a very costly mistake that puts you in a hole that you will struggle to emerge from in the future.

How Can Men Find Legal Guidance During Divorce In Indiana?

Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. is an Indiana collaborative divorce attorney that can help guide you on what your options are for obtaining the best outcome during your divorce. 

As an Indiana divorce lawyer, Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. understands how disruptive divorce is on both separating partners and their children. Especially during the pandemic, things are changing so quickly, the added stress does not make the process any easier. 

Call Christopher L. Arrington P.C.’s Danville family law firm at 317-745-4494 today. I look forward to speaking with you and understanding your family situation during a free consultation.

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