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Men Can Get Paternity Tests in Indiana

It is commonly believed that men are not concerned with taking care of their children or when they do want to be involved, that they do not have the legal right to them. These are myths. While there certainly are some men who father children and do not want to be a part of their lives, they are the exception. Many men want to protect their paternal rights to their children.

In Indiana, a baby can be born to and kept by its biological parents. A baby can be born and then given to an adoptive family. A baby can be born to a single biological parent and raised by them alone. In some situations, a man may be told he is the father of a child, but the certainty of this is in question. Obtaining the legal right to custody of the child along with the responsibilities that come with taking care of a child makes it more important than ever that a man knows for sure that a child actually is biologically his.

What Should You Do if You are Unsure About Paternity in Indiana?

Paternity can be established in one of two ways. First, a father can confirm he is the rightful parent to a child or a DNA test can determine the truth. If you believe that you are a father but you are not 100% sure, you have the right to ask for a DNA test to prove your position as a biological father or not.

As a father, you can request a DNA test to take place while your child is in a woman’s womb but the risks that come with that are high. The best way to determine if you are the biological father of a child is to do a test once a child has been born. This option is less perilous for the child and the mother and can deliver reliable results. Through testing the saliva or the blood of a child, you can find out if you are the rightful father.

If you believe that the child is yours but the mother of the child will not allow you to do a DNA test on the baby, then you still have legal recourse to get the test you desire. With a petition to an Indiana court, you may be able to be granted the right to have a DNA test done. It will take documentation to prove your case. But once you have your case set up, you will be improving your ability to get access to your potential children.

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