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Man Associated With Indiana Veterans of Foreign Wars Arrested for Child Pornography

According to the Springfield News-Sun, an adjutant for the state of Indiana Veterans of Foreign Wars was accused of filming a 14-year-old girl while she used the restroom in his home. The man was identified as Steven McDanield, 55, of Carmel. McDanield was charged with seven counts of sexual exploitation of a child along with one count of child pornography. The charges were filed on Tuesday, January 14th in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.

McDanield is an officer with the state’s VFW and a trustee with the local Post No. 10003 in Carmel. He was also a former commander of the post. While he was active in the military he served in Grenada, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany, Korea, the Philippines, and Kosovo.

Two years prior to his arrest, people who knew McDanield well indicated that he had a camera in his personal bathroom. On January 2, the police were contacted and notified that there was a camera that was hidden in the bathroom. It faced the sink and the shower and it was similar to the one that was found in McDanield’s home two years ago. The bathroom where the camera was found was the primary restroom for the minor.

When confronted with the federal complaint, McDanield tried to say that it was a Wi-Fi network extender. After this, he proceeded to lock himself in the bathroom for one hour. Then when he exited the bathroom the device was gone.

When McDanield was interviewed he admitted to having images of the girl. He also admitted to sexual misconduct. After searching his home computers and hard drives, investigators found multiple images of the girl dating from 2018 and some in 2019.

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