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Lafayette Women in Jail on Charges of Neglect After Her Dog Kills Her Baby

Jennifer Nicole Connell of Lafayette is currently behind bars after her son was killed by the family’s dog. According to Lt. Matt Gard of the Lafayette Police Department, Connell had a 1-month-old son who was sleeping on a bed at the time of the attack. The baby was found bleeding and authorities transported him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Reports say that the dog had gotten into the room where Julian was sleeping. In that room was another, smaller dog. The intruding dog attacked the smaller dog but the fight was broken up by another minor who was in the home. The minor stopped the fight and then took the smaller dog out of the room only to come back in and see the attacking dog standing over a bleeding baby Julian. 

The police were called and upon arrival, the responding officer shot and killed the dog. Then the officer was able to tend to Julian. Julian’s mother Jennifer tried to explain to the officers that the dog had been aggressive with the baby in the past and that she was searching to find a new home for the animal. In the house, police indicated the abundance of dead mice and animal feces. 

Jennifer Connell was booked into Tippecanoe County Jail on three counts of neglect of a dependent. Jail records show that Connell is being held with no bond. Currently, there has been no confirmation of if she issued a plea and it is unknown if she has legal representation.

Lt. Gard said that the responding officer was very shaken up and that what he witnessed in the home of Jennifer Connell was emotionally disturbing. 

Is it Possible to Eliminate Parenting Time in Indiana?

The state of Indiana’s Parenting Time Guidelines operate under the idea that parents are the best caregivers for their children and that both parents will keep their children safe. There are circumstances in which this is not the case, however, and when a parent is found to be an unsuitable caregiver, parenting time can be taken away. 

If a parent created an environment in which any of the following takes place, his or her parenting rights can be revoked:

  • Physical and mental abuse
  • Criminal activity when children are present, such as drug abuse
  • If a parent is suffering from extreme psychological impairment and presents a danger to the children
  • If the living environment is not safe

Are Your Children in Danger? You Need Legal Assistance to Protect Them

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