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Indiana State Senator Jim Merritt to Retire in November

The longest-serving current Republican to serve as Indiana state senator, State Senator Jim Merritt has announced he will retire in November. State Sen. Merritt was elected in 1990, he was responsible for representing residents of Marion and Hamilton counties. As Merritt recollected on his life in public office, he said that it was his “greatest honor.” After 30 years serving his constituents, he also explained how thankful he was for those who elected him to serve and trusted him to work on the most critical issues for his region and for the state of Indiana.


State Senator Merritt’s career with the Indiana General Assembly included being the caucus chairman for the Senate Majority Caucus, chairman of the Senate Committee on Utilities, being a member of the Senate Committees on Commerce and Technology, Homeland Security and Transportation, Public Policy, Rules, and Legislative Procedure, and Veterans Affairs and the Military.


Among his many accomplishments, the State Senator is accredited with:


  • Lifeline Law which gives immunity to specific crimes related to alcohol for those who either call for medical help for another party in need or who accept medical help when it is called for them.
  • 211 service which is a free service that connects Indiana residents to the resources they need and it is completely confidential. Services can range from food and shelter to tax assistance and healthcare.
  • Safe Haven Law allows parents to give up their babies if they are unable to take care of them or if the child is unwanted as long as there are no signs of abuse. This program will allow parents to give up their baby no questions asked and no personal information required.
  • Aaron’s Law which makes it legal for a person to obtain naloxone to administer to another person who is at risk of overdosing on opioids.
  • Reforms at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Strongly supporting child safety
  • Sponsoring legislation for “Kids First” license plate
  • Preservation of Indiana history, specifically it’s constitutions


What Will State Senator Jim Merritt Do After Retirement?


Many Hoosiers and many of Merritt’s professional colleagues were surprised to hear of the news. According to State Representative Cindy Kirchhofer, R-Beech Grove, the Marion County GOP was shocked at the news. Kirchhofer is also the Marion County Republican Chairwoman. 


While Merritt will be leaving the Indiana State Senate on November 4, 2020, he will not fade away into the background. He has intentions of staying involved with the community to promote it and better it. He will find alternative ways to serve residents of the state of Indiana. 


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