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Indiana Safe Haven Box Funded by Highschool Student

Any parent who is faced with the reality of giving up a child knows how much heartache is involved. For those who must make that difficult decision, the Seymour Fire Department offers a safe place for parents to feel confident in surrendering their babies without judgment. The anonymous Safe Haven Baby Box gives parents who are unable to care for their child a place to go where they are assured their baby will be taken care of and that they will not face any punishment as a result.

Help for Parents Who are Unable to Care for Their Child

The Safe Haven Infant Protection Act in the state of Indiana provides parents a legal safety net for surrendering their child. This Act has been on the books for over 18 years. As long as a parent drops off their child at a safe location like a police station, fire station, or an emergency room, they are within the law. The Department of Child Services takes over from there and the search for a loving family begins.

This service at the Seymour Fire Department was funded by Hunter Wart, a local high school student that took odd jobs mowing lawns and scrapping metal in order to save up $10,000 for funding. This is a pretty amazing feat for a young man to take on, and a commendable one, too.

How the Box Works

When a child is dropped off, there is no need to worry if someone will know. The holding place will automatically lock after closing and an alarm will alert the appropriate officials, in this case, the fire department that a child is present. Additionally, 911 is also automatically contacted.

This is not the only box in the nation, there are many across the country that function similarly. Those who are making this difficult decision are not left alone during the process. This program provides a 24-hour helpline that is staffed by professionals whose primary role is to help people with this decision. Information and support are offered to help the parents determine whether or not surrendering their baby is the right choice for them before they move forward and lose rights to the child.

Contacting an Indiana Child Custody Attorney

Any parent will tell you the most important part of their lives is their children and their relationship with them.  While you are likely not looking at surrendering your child to a Safe Haven Box, you most likely are looking at a rough divorce. As a part of the process, your fears of the end results including limited access to your children or your children being taken away is understandable. 

These potential realities are frightening and frustrating for a loving parent. This is when you need to speak to an Indiana child custody attorney like Christopher L. Arrington P.C. We will work hard and fight for your legal justice. Our goal is to find the right combination for a custody arrangement customized to your specific situation.

Christopher L. Arrington P.C. is an Indiana child custody and divorce attorney who will advocate aggressively on your behalf. You do not have to face this life challenge alone. You can come out on the other side with an agreeable solution that works for both you and your former partner. Your children should not be without you and you should not be without your children. Call our Danville law firm today at 317-745-4494 to set up a time for us to discuss a proactive plan that meets your needs.

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