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Indiana Renters Worry About Evictions as Moratorium Date Gets Closer 

Many people lost their jobs and had to utilize their savings to get through the economic shutdown that the pandemic has caused the nation and the world in 2020. With the economy now reopening, more people are starting to see opportunities for work, but it is not easy for everyone. A multitude of Indiana renters who have been financially struggling since the virus’s outbreak may now face eviction from their homes because they cannot afford to pay the rent.


The state of Indiana postponed evictions in light of the health crisis. Landlords were told they had to halt all evictions up to a specified date. Now, this moratorium is coming close to its expiration date, and as a result, government officials are trying to figure out how best to manage the mass evictions that are looming. The toll that the pandemic has taken on so many families has been seen clearly across the state and the country. Families, single adults, couples — there have been no groups immune from the effects of the shutdown amid the pandemic. As unemployment grew, some people have been unable to keep up with their normal bills, including their monthly rent.


During a virtual town hall, the South Bend Common Council discussed all the different types of resources that were available at both the state and local levels. The Indiana Housing Authority REAL Services, and the St. Vincent De Paul Society offered the most aid for rent and utility support. In St. Joseph County there are opportunities for residents to apply for up to three months of assistance. REAL, is offering a similar lifeline to renters who qualify.


In addition to rental and utility support, should the moratorium not be extended, residents of the state can access legal assistance.


When Did the Moratorium on Evictions in Indiana Happen?


On March 19, through executive order, Governor Holcomb required that landlords be unable to evict or foreclose on tenants who could not pay rent. The governor then extended that moratorium on April 1. While this was a welcome relief for tenants, many landlords felt differently and filed a lawsuit against Holcomb and the state of Indiana in the U.S. District Court in Indianapolis. The lawsuit said that the actions by the governor exceeded his authority and those actions were also a violation of the Indiana State and the U.S. constitutions. 


Where can You Find a Caring Indiana Family Law Attorney?


If you are struggling to keep your day-to-day financial responsibilities current because of the negative impact of the pandemic, you may also be in need of a change to your child support order. When life hits us with unexpected challenges, we need to adjust accordingly. As an Indiana child support lawyer, Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. can help you with the modifications you need to make to your child support payments. 

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