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How Long Does an Indiana Divorce Take to Resolve?

You have seen those highly publicized Hollywood divorces that seem to take forever to come to a conclusion. They can be messy and lead to leaks of unflattering gossip and vitriol between ex spouses. For some couples, that is how it goes; not every couple is meant to stay together forever. When you and your spouse have decided that you want to get divorced in Indiana, one of the most common questions that separating couples have is how long will the process take?

Whether you are divorcing amicably and want to have a collaborative divorce or there is a lot of contention between you and your spouse and emotions are high, Christopher L. Arrington can help you with your Indiana divorce. When you work with Christopher L. Arrington, you get a compassionate, skillful, and resourceful Indiana divorce lawyer who knows how to get results for his clients. Christopher L. Arrington will help you through the highly stressful judicial process so you can take a breath and know that you have an advocate on your side who will fight to ensure you see the best outcome possible after your divorce.

How Long Does an Indiana Divorce Take?

As a “no-fault” state, you or your spouse can decide to divorce for any reason. The state does not require any divorcing couples to prove that there was fault in order to dissolve the marriage. Some counties, like Marion and Hamilton counties, will require you to take a divorce education class. This requirement is for divorcing couples that have children.

Every state has its own guidelines as to the divorce process, which often involves a waiting period, including the state of Indiana. Once you file for a divorce in Indiana, you must wait 60 days before your divorce can be finalized. Therefore, the least amount of time it will take to get a divorce in Indiana is 60 days. 

There are several factors that go into how long it takes to get a divorce in Indiana. The quickest way for couples to get through the process would be to do so amicably and cooperatively. When two individuals can come to a full agreement on the terms of their divorce, outside of waiting the 60 days, these individuals will just need to wait for their attorney to get the appropriate paperwork completed. Then, the dissolution of a marriage can go fairly rapidly.

Other times, there are significant issues that couples cannot come to an agreement on including parenting time, child support, and the division of property. Your divorce cannot be settled if there are remaining disputes. Therefore, the longer you go on negotiating without coming to an agreement with your ex-partner, the longer the divorce process will take. If you exhaust all negotiation options outside of court, your case will go to trial.

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