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How Divorced Couples Can Prepare for the Holidays

Halloween and the fall activities that come along with it kick off the busy holiday season. Not long after Halloween, Thanksgiving comes, and then Christmas is just around the corner. While there are plenty of exciting activities and get-togethers on the horizon, the holiday season can get overwhelming quickly. For divorced parents or couples that are separated, spending time with their children as much as possible is important, especially during the holidays.

Having a parenting plan that includes how to handle holidays in a way that is mutually agreeable can make the season that much more cheerful and bright. If you live in the greater Danville, IN, area and you have to put together an Indiana parenting plan that works for you and your ex or you need to make adjustments to an existing plan, Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville child custody and parenting time attorney who can help.

How to Plan for Holidays With Children and an Ex

When you and your ex sit down to negotiate a fair parenting plan, thinking about holidays is critical. Maybe there are some holidays one partner cares about more than the other. Maybe both parties want equal time for holidays so they decide to alternate them every year. Potentially, depending on how you celebrate your holidays and if it does not get too complicated, you can alternate mornings and evenings. Think breakfast with mom and dinner with dad, for example. Or, for families that are quite amicable, perhaps holidays are celebrated with everyone together each year. 

No matter what arrangement you agree upon, the important thing is that you figure out what works best and you have that plan in place in advance of the holidays. This leaves nothing up to the last minute and can reduce stress and potential conflict. It also can ensure a situation between parents is as fair as it can be.

Life is random at best, and things can change at the last minute for anyone. This means illness can befall a person, injuries can happen, weather-related problems can arise, and many other unforeseen circumstances may develop. Any of these things can alter a parent’s holiday plans. The best way to combat this is to always prepare for the unexpected. Having an alternative plan or a backup strategy to implement should things take a turn will help you manage the situation.

Getting together in a group is fun, especially when it is with close family and friends that you have not seen in a while. Considering how everyone feels regarding COVID will also make sure that the holiday is safe and comfortable for the whole family. Including your spouse in the discussion of what can be agreed is the safest for the children can give you both peace of mind that the children will be OK and that each parent’s wishes will be respected.

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Considering the holidays in a fair and equitable way will not only promote better relations with your ex, but it will also ensure your children are well taken care of and have a great time. If you need help with child custody or parenting time issues, or if you have a question or concern about divorce, call the Danville divorce attorney Christopher L. Arrington to schedule a free, initial consultation at (317) 745-4494.

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