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Helping Children Cope With Divorce

In 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the state of Indiana had a marriage rate on par with the rest of the country. Divorce is often difficult for the parties that are separating but it can be especially rough for children. When a couple decides the most healthy and best thing to do is to divorce, even if the marriage is tumultuous, children can struggle with their parents’ break up. They may also have a rough time adapting to the new changes in their lives.

It is not uncommon for a child whose parents are divorcing to experience many emotions. Parents who have to witness their child grappling with a divorce will naturally want to do what they can to help. While it may not be feasible to completely erase all of the negative feelings and reactions a child has to divorce, parents can take steps that might calm their children. Helping children manage the situation more effectively is always the ultimate goal.

Tips for Parents to Help Children Work Through Divorce

These tips may be beneficial for children when dealing with divorce:

  • Adult communication is key and your child should not be considered a messenger. If you have information you must convey to your ex, talk to them directly. There are many forms of communication that can accomplish this if speaking in-person is not feasible. You can call on the phone, send a text, or send an email.
  • Try at all costs to remain calm and cordial with your ex when the children are around. At the very least, do not argue or engage in a hostile manner.
  • Do not speak of your ex in a damaging or spiteful way to your children.
  • Stay as neutral as possible when the topic of your ex comes up or if you have to be near your ex when your children are present. 
  • Allow your children to feel supported and protected knowing that you understand their feelings are valid and so is the way they are processing everything. Encourage them to talk to you about how they feel or if they are hesitant, potentially a third party could be used. 
  • You do not have to be a fixer when your children are having a hard time with the divorce. Being an open ear just to hear them and let them speak freely can be immensely helpful.

Working together with your ex as best as you can for the sake of your children can make the transition that comes with divorce go more smoothly and healthfully. If your situation is one in which keeping the peace is not easy, putting forth the effort when your children are around is well worth it.

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