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Gov. Holcomb Requesting a Delay in School Enrollment Count This Fall

In an attempt to ensure that all of Indiana schools are fully funded, Governor Eric Holcomb said that he wants the Indiana State Board of Education to postpone the Indiana student enrollment count in the fall and through December. Due to the current climate, in which schools are beginning the year with all-virtual instruction in lieu of having in-person classes, there was concern that the schools would only get a portion of their funding. The funding would be decreased to 85% of what the schools were originally set to receive.


While Gov. Holcomb has insisted that he would prefer that the students be back in the classroom, he also acknowledged the health risks that prompted the shutdown of the schools. Gov. Holcomb said that he wants all families in the state to know that they can still learn in a safe environment and that he did not want to have schools penalized if they opted to do 100% virtual learning. 


Each year, there are two student enrollment counts, and the numbers collected are used to distribute funding. When a student does a minimum of 50% of their instruction online, they are considered a virtual student, and that is how they are counted. Schools that have virtual students receive 85% of the funding dollars that are dispensed. The governor believes that if the schools are not worried about their funding dollars because they are going virtual, they can spend more time working on educating students and trying to reopen. Multiple superintendents and educator’s associations were pleased about the move.


COVID-19 Cases in Indiana


According to the New York Times database, as of August 14, there were 80,507 cases of COVID-19 in the state of Indiana, with 3,113 deaths from the virus. In the last seven days, there were 6,663 cases reported. The following counties have the most cases:


  • Clark
  • St. Joseph
  • Elkhart
  • Vanderburgh
  • Madison
  • Cass
  • Lake
  • Marion
  • Allen 
  • Hamilton
  • Hendricks
  • Porter
  • Johnson
  • Tippecanoe


Marion County overwhelmingly had the most cases in the state at 16,592. Warren County had the least reported cases at 26. From July to August, the number of cases has risen.


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