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Divorce Statistics That Will Raise Eyebrows

Statistics concerning divorce and the divorce rate are difficult to generate, and there are multiple ways of calculating the divorce rate. Nonetheless, one of the most surprising things to come out of the pandemic was that the divorce rate actually decreased during that period. This is a surprising statistic as the divorce rate in China and other countries appears to have gone up during that period—or at least that was the prevailing wisdom at the start of the pandemic. Now, we have new statistics, and they indicate that the divorce rate dropped 12%. 

Why? Well, access to the courts and the shutdown played a major role in forstalling divorces that were inevitable. Couples soldiered through the pandemic and waited to file a divorce. 

Divorce is seasonal

More Americans file for divorce at the beginning of the year than at the end. Couples are more likely to file for divorce in the first three months of the year than at any other time. This likely has everything to do with timing and a “New Year, New Me” attitude about making major changes. 

Fewer divorces could be related to fewer marriages

Millennials are much less likely to tie the knot than previous generations. Today, it is considered socially acceptable for couples to live together for an extended period of time before marriage or instead of marriage. 

Divorce rates vary widely by state

Nevada contributed the highest number of divorces last year, with Iowa contributing the fewest. This links to another statistic that indicates that the rate of divorce is higher in urban areas than it is in rural areas. This is likely because those in urban areas simply have more romantic choices than those who live in rural areas.  

Same-sex couples divorce at the same rate hetero couples

Same-sex marriage has not provided a higher divorce rate than before. Instead, statistics reveal that same-sex couples divorce at about the same rate as heterosexual couples. This may be surprising to some, but chances are good that the divorce rate will remain relatively stable for gay marriage. 

Women with college degrees are more likely to divorce

Educated women are more likely to divorce than those who are not. This is likely related to their financial independence and better economic prospects. This is startling because it seems to indicate that a certain type of pressure exists for women without college degrees to stay in relationships for financial reasons. 

Divorce is contagious

Women with a friend who went through a recent divorce are 75% more likely to divorce themselves than someone without a friend who recently divorced. In cases where a friend of a friend divorced, the likelihood of divorce increases to 33%.

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