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Closures Across Indiana Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, Governor Eric Holcomb has urged the public to take precautions seriously and work to limit its spread. The Governor indicated that he would leave the decision of school closings and cancellations of large gatherings to local leaders and school districts.

One after another, schools in the state began closing for at least two weeks. The Indiana high school boys basketball tournament was also canceled. In addition, museums and libraries began closing their doors and religious services have been halted. Indiana schools have up to 20 days which they can close and not have to make up missed classroom time.

Most people who are infected with the coronavirus will exhibit mild to moderate symptoms. Fever and cough are the most common. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that for these less severe cases, it will take about two weeks for the virus to work through a person’s system and for anyone infected to begin feeling better. 

High-risk groups include the elderly, those with pre-existing health conditions, and those with compromised immune systems. Members of these high-risk groups who contract the virus can have severe symptoms and pneumonia. The WHO says that those who are hit the hardest by the virus can be facing three to six weeks of recovery.

As of Friday, March 13, there were 12 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state of Indiana. Dr. Kris Box, the State Health Commissioner said that the number of cases in the state is likely closer to 1%. This means that the real number of cases is around 70,000 infected individuals. Due to testing issues, it is probable that many thousands more are infected but are not being diagnosed and reported.

Washington state was hit hard with widespread illness and ultimately has lost 31 lives to the coronavirus. Indiana has not yet experienced such rampant infections and losses of life. Due to its larger numbers of elderly people, who are most vulnerable to serious symptoms and death by the virus, the Pacific Northwest has seen high rates of infection.

Still, schools, including colleges, are not taking chances. Indiana, Purdue, and Ivy Tech have extended spring break and canceled classes that would normally be held on campus. Multiple schools located throughout the state of Indiana are closing their buildings in exchange for online teaching.

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