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Can I Request More Child Support in Indiana if My Ex Gets a Pay Raise?

Child support exists so that both parents are responsible for supporting their children financially until the child becomes a legal adult or at 18 years of age. Under Indiana divorce laws, both parents must take care of their children’s needs regardless of if the parents are in a relationship or not. When there is a significant change in circumstances, it may be possible to have a modification made to your child custody orders. 

A successful Indiana request for a child support modification is not a simple process nor is it easy. The best way to ensure that you can have your Indiana child support orders modified to reflect changing circumstances of you and your ex-partner is to work with a resourceful and knowledgeable Indiana child support modification attorney. Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville divorce attorney who will work hard to help you secure your desired outcome.

How can You Change Your Indiana Child Support Orders?

If you believe that your ex has come into more money and you would like to have your child support orders modified as a result of this additional income, you have options. First, if you have a good relationship with your ex-partner you may simply want to meet and discuss changing the payments. This may be all you need to do to get the increase in support. However, when a person is asked to increase payments by a former partner, that person may refuse to cooperate. Whether your ex inherited a substantial amount of money or received a significant pay raise, you have the right to explore your options for increasing child support payments.

Should your ex reject your request for an increase in payments, it is important that you do not delay in filing a motion. You should immediately call your Danville divorce attorney to help you get the process started. Until you obtain a modification in your child support amount, you must abide by the terms of your current order. Should your ex try to reduce payments to you or stop them, he or she can face penalties.

If you are lucky enough to come to an agreement with your ex, nothing will change until a court officially approves the changes. In contentious situations in which ex-partners cannot come to an agreement, the court can determine a reasonable number. When your divided family’s situation has changed in such a drastic way that makes your current support order unreasonable, you may be able to obtain a modification in Indiana. The other way you may be successful getting a modification is when your order is more than a year old and a new order would change it by more than 20%.

Find an Indiana Child Support and Modification Attorney Today

You and your spouse must both contribute to ensure your child’s health and well-being, and part of doing that is making sure the financial resources are available. Christopher L. Arrington, an Indiana child support and modification attorney, can help you make the necessary changes to your current support order. Call Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. today to schedule your free consultation with a knowledgeable Indiana divorce attorney at (317) 745-4494.

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