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Can Having a Second Child Affect Your Marriage?

You meet, fall in love, then get married. For many couples the next step is having children. The first child is exciting, scary, and everything is so new. When your first bundle of joy comes, you quickly realize how drastically your life is going to change. While you were once just a pair, as you navigate parenting on a daily, and nightly basis, you come to figure out how to operate now as a family unit. With time you find your rhythm, and it becomes hard to remember what life was like without caring for a little one.

The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago conducts general social surveys to gain insights on trends in modern American society. According to their research, after having a child, more than half of the men who were included in the survey indicated they were not as happy with their partner. After having a second child the same thing happened.

There are many possible reasons for this trend, including the most common complaints such as lack of sleep and a decline in intimacy due to the significant demands of caring for a baby. While many couples can get back into the swing of things after the first child, after the second one comes along, some couples become so disconnected that they cannot seem to find their way back. 

Adding a second child to your family does not mean you are destined to divorce. The data shows that a second child is a much harder transition than having your third, or fourth, or even fifth because it is the first time you have to juggle multiple children. Once you have figured it out, it is easier to continue with future pregnancies, but initially, there is a learning gap.

Caring for one child still allows parents to divide up time between the baby and each other. When the second child comes, it can be more challenging to balance time between caring for a youngster and a baby, while still making time for each other. If there are weaknesses in the marriage before the second child comes, the addition of a new baby can be too much weight to bear. This change can shock a marriage enough that it leads to a dissolution of the partnership.

When one partner does not feel happy in a marriage or if both parties are not content with their relationship for any reason, efforts made such as going to counseling can help. Many times, parents will try harder to find ways to save their marriage because of their children. Sometimes the lessening connection between parents and the obstacles in the marriage become too much to overcome and an agreement to end the marriage results.

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