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Can a Student Still Get Financial Aid if They Were Convicted for Drugs?

Financial aid for college is incredibly important to many families across the United States. Obtaining financial aid is one thing, and keeping it is another. There are many responsible young people who have no issues making good decisions and avoiding trouble. Still, there are other young people who are not necessarily delinquent but who are young and willing to push the envelope. 

Studies have shown that a fully developed prefrontal cortex takes 25 years. So, if your child is college-aged, their minds are likely not yet mature. The prefrontal cortex is what controls highly intricate behavioral functioning. Naivety, curiosity, and other factors could motivate a young person to make more risky decisions, like trying drugs.

How Can a Drug Conviction Affect Financial Aid?

Even when both parents are attentive and engaged in their child’s life, that person can make missteps. While staying observant and involved in your child’s life is incredibly important to help them stay safe, sometimes parents are less than focused. Ignoring or being careless with respect to a child’s behavior and the company they keep can have devastating consequences. 

If you are a divorced parent and you are concerned about the environment that your child is experiencing when they are with your ex, call Christopher L. Arrington. Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville, IN child custody attorney who can advise you about what you can do to protect the health, wellness, and interests of your child.

If your child is caught with illegal substances, he or she will be arrested. This situation may lead to a conviction and ultimately, a loss of aid. Drug violations can result in your child becoming ineligible for student aid. When you fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid form, there are questions about drug convictions. When you indicate that your child was convicted of a drug offense, they will be instructed to answer more inquiries to determine if your child can continue to keep his or her aid.

The good news is that if your child loses their student aid, there are options to regain access to it. This will mean passing drug tests or potentially going to and completing drug rehabilitation. 

As a parent, you would do anything to keep your children safe. If you are divorced and you suspect your ex is acting in an unreliable way and creating a perilous home situation, it is critical to take action. Christopher L. Arrington, an experienced and trusted Danville family law attorney can help you with your time-sensitive family situation. 

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Knowing your child has done drugs or has a problem with substance abuse is scary. Getting them the help that they need to overcome their issues is necessary. If you are dealing with a situation where your child’s welfare and future are at risk because of your ex, Christopher L. Arrington can discuss your case with you. 

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