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Can a Parent be Restricted From Calling Their Children in Indiana?

The ultimate goal when a couple who has children splits is to be able to co-parent effectively and cordially, in the best interests of the children. Even in cases in which both parties want this to be a reality, a co-parenting relationship can be highly emotional and may not always work out perfectly. 

For one, if you are restricted in some way from access to your child, it can feel extremely painful and frustrating. Today almost everyone has a cell phone and communication is easier than ever. Whether you text, call, or engage in video chats, the number of ways to connect with loved ones is plenty. If you are being held back from calling your child when they are not with you, if your ex is stopping your children from reaching out, or if your child refuses to accept your call, these are all serious issues that will impact your relationship with your children.

What Can You Do if You are Being Kept from Calling Your Children in Indiana?

In the state of Indiana, parents are encouraged to be an active part of their children’s lives. This includes having the ability to reach out and call. The Indiana Parenting Guidelines clearly describe parents’ rights, and as a part of being present in a child’s life, the ability for each parent to have open communication is necessary. No matter where the child is residing, if one parent calls and the other is holding the children back from answering, it is incredibly important to connect with an Indiana child custody attorney

Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville divorce lawyer that understands parenting time and guidelines. If you are struggling with an ex who is treating you unfairly with respect to access to your children, this can be remedied with quick and effective legal action.

If varied scheduling is what is causing the disconnect, then the parent who has the children should find alternate ways and open times when their children and their ex can speak. Also, when speaking to your child on the phone, you have the right to do so in privacy. Your co-parent should be allowing a safe, private space for your children to converse with you over the phone. It is important to know that your ex does not have the authority to refuse to allow or block your children from answering your calls.

Sometimes your ex is being cooperative in facilitating communication between you and your children, but your children are refusing to speak with you. This is a challenging position for any parent. Even in this instance, you should take proactive action to resolve the issues if possible. The problem is likely to only get worse if it is not addressed immediately with a caring and understanding approach. Children can be greatly impacted by divorce, even if they do not outwardly show it.

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Co-parenting is rarely an easy undertaking. When one spouse is making things more difficult than they need to be or violating your rights to speak with your children, call Christopher L. Arrington. During a free initial consultation, you can discuss your unique issues and obtain the legal guidance and support necessary to get the best results. Please call Christopher L. Arrington today at (317) 745-4494.

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